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Stretch out in a sentence

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Synonym: craneexsertextendhold output outstretchstretch forthunfoldSimilar words: stretchwatch out forcatch onswitch onswitch offretreatreach outstreamMeaning: v. 1. extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length 2. lie down comfortably 3. thrust or extend out 4. extend one's body or limbs 5. stretch (the neck) so as to see better. 
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(1) The jacuzzi was too small to stretch out in.
(2) She would be able to stretch out her cramped limbs and rest for a few hours.
(3) I'm just going to stretch out on the couch for ten minutes.
(4) He was about to stretch out his hand to grab me.
(5) I just want to get home and stretch out on the sofa.
(6) I don't think we can stretch out the fuel to the end of this week, so you'd better go and get some more.
(7) Tame birds, when approached, will stretch out their necks and ruffle their neck feathering.
(8) He couldn't stretch out his money to the end of the month.
(9) It glittered like glass and seemed to stretch out endlessly.
(10) Don't just rush on to the beach and stretch out for hours and hours.
(11) He wanted to stretch out and take that pale face between his hands and smooth the lines of grief away.
(12) It gets even better when you stop, stretch out your arms and soak in the surroundings with a full turn.
(13) I think I'll go upstairs and stretch out for a little while.
(14) We stretch out our tired legs and drink cups of tea we have brought up from the pantry.
(15) I stretch out my arms for her to lift me up, but Stop( out.html), terrified.
(16) When completed, the theater would stretch out even to where the barber shop was located.
(17) Finally I let him stretch out on the carpeted floor beside my feet as Dad and I talked.
(18) Finally he would stretch out, his breathing would become more regular and he would drift off.
(19) Or tax incentives encourage companies to stretch out downsizing and keep more jobs at home?
(20) They stretch out their legs like flying squirrel.
(21) The days stretch out in an endless vista.
(22) Most of us, however, take life for granted. We know that one day we must die, but usually we picture that day as far in the future. When we are in buoyant health, death is all but unimaginable. We seldom think of it. The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty tasks, hardly aware of our listless attitude toward life.
(23) You can enjoy the extraordinary sight unbroken cloud plains that stretch out before you.
(24) It eluded us then, but that's no matter. Tomorrow, we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther, and one fine morning.
(25) Two extra people are coming for dinner.Will the food stretch out?
(26) Touch it again, and it will curl up again, and then stretch out once more.
(27) The town boasts several fish and chip shops and between the hours of noon and two queues stretch out to sea.
(28) Millions of tiny polyps have emerged from their limestone cells to stretch out their minuscule arms and grope for food.
(29) The leisurely lunch is over and you can now stretch out and do just as you please.
(30) With the right mix and enough patience, you can stretch out the process for an even more interesting character development.
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