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Pitch in a sentence

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Synonym: castfallflingflounderheavehurllurchreelrockrollslingstaggerswaythrowtoppletossAntonym: catchSimilar words: pitcherbitchswitchkitchenswitch onswitch offpitspitMeaning: [pɪtʃ]  n. 1. the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration 2. (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter 3. a vendor's position (especially on the sidewalk) 4. promotion by means of an argument and demonstration 5. degree of deviation from a horizontal plane 6. any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue 7. a high approach shot in golf 8. an all-fours game in which the first card led is a trump 9. abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance) 10. the action or manner of throwing something. v. 1. throw or toss with a light motion 2. move abruptly 3. fall or plunge forward 4. set to a certain pitch 5. sell or offer for sale from place to place 6. be at an angle 7. heel over 8. erect and fasten 9. throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball 10. hit (a golf ball) in a high arc with a backspin 11. lead (a card) and establish the trump suit 12. set the level or character of. 
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1. You can’t touch pitch without being defiled. 
2. He who touches pitch will be difiled. 
3. Touch pitch, and you will be defiled. 
4. The football pitch was absolutely sodden.
5. He keyed the piano up to a concert pitch.
6. Heavy rain meant the pitch was waterlogged.
7. His sales pitch was smooth and convincing.
8. He ran the length of the pitch and scored.
9. The pitch is too small to play football on.
10. The pitch was invaded by angry fans.
11. Please pitch your waste paper in here.
12. The building was in pitch darkness.
13. After the game fans invaded the pitch.
14. Despite the frost, the pitch was playable.
15. At the end of the match,( the pitch was a real quagmire.
16. The examiners can pitch on any student to answer questions.
17. We scoured the area for somewhere to pitch our tent.
18. If we all pitch in together, it shouldn't take too long.
19. I fumbled for the light switch in the pitch dark.
20. The crowd invaded the pitch at the end of the match.
21. Both presidential candidates have promised to make a pitch for better roads and schools.
22. The fans rushed onto the pitch in an excited mob.
23. When they took up a collection for the annual dinner(, he promised to pitch in.
24. The underground chambers stretch the length of a football pitch.
25. The police had difficulty in restraining the crowd from rushing on to the pitch.
26. Three minutes into the match, Jackson limped off the pitch with a serious ankle injury.
27. The ground staff do all they can to prepare the pitch.
28. I am afraid to lose, I fear this time, and I love it but memories. I could not forget the sweat on the pitch with the sway of the brothers, forget accompany me cry close friend, and forget the bright Star of that everynight, and those words have touched me deeply.
29. The crowd managed to break through the barriers and get onto the pitch.
30. The rugby tour was a disaster both on and off the pitch.
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