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Echo in a sentence

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Synonym: duplicateimitaterepeatSimilar words: mechanictechniquetechnicalmechanismtechniciantake chargetechnologymechanicalMeaning: ['ekəʊ]  n. 1. the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped 2. (Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained 3. a reply that repeats what has just been said. v. 1. to say again or imitate 2. ring or echo with sound 3. call to mind. 
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1. Three things soon pass away; the echo of the woods, the rainbow, and woman's beauty. 
2. As the call, so the echo
3. The echo resounded back to us.
4. This cave has a good echo.
5. There was an echo on the line and I couldn't hear clearly.
6. The hills sent back a faint echo.
7. They had ideas which seem to echo our own.
8. A faint echo sounded in the cave.
9. The speaker was cheered to the echo.
10. The political upheavals find an echo in the art of the time.
11. The speech found an echo in the hearts of many of the audience .
12. Thick carpet would reduce the echo in this hallway.
13. An echo was returned from the round wall.
14. Her scream was followed by a loud echo.
15. Their views often echo each other.
16. This idea finds an echo in many African countries.
17. Pinks and beiges were chosen to echo the colours of the ceiling.
18. The old fable continues to echo down the centuries.
19. Her performance was cheered to the echo.
20. His words were an echo of what she had heard many times before.
21. The protest seemed to echo across the room.
22. We could just hear a faint echo.
23. Why do you always have to echo back my opinions like this?
24. An echo came back from the walls of the building.
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25. The Daily Echo has a readership of over ten million.
26. I should like to echo the words of the previous speaker.
27. 'So you love him, do you?' Magda's voice was a mocking echo of my own.
28. The bat compares the sound of its cry with the sound of the returning echo.
29. He has no original opinions; he's just his father's echo.
30. She shouted on the mountaintop and listened for the echo.
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