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Algorithm in a sentence

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Sentence count:196Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2017-02-15
Similar words: arithmetichidalgofederal governmentgorillacategorizewritheminoritypriorityMeaning: ['ælgərɪðəm]  n. a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem. 
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1. The most rudimentary algorithm repeats a single instruction.
2. The full genetic algorithm will be described below.
3. An algorithm for ordering ideal hybridisation data.
4. That is no algorithm at all.
5. This is a hill climbing algorithm.
6. The method involved forms half of a genetic algorithm.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. An extremely simple algorithm which does this runs thus.
8. Such an algorithm can provide an alternative learning mechanism in a neural network.
9. Neural networks may be used for algorithm development as well.
10. Then a basic algorithm for division is shown in Figure 2.4, again derived from the normal pencil-and paper method.
11. The basic search algorithm is as before, except that actions are of two sorts.
12. For that we need an algorithm for generating the complementary set.
13. What does it mean to activate an algorithm, or to embody it in physical form?
14. An island-driving algorithm will explore those paths that ultimately fail to match the beginning and ending of the utterance.
15. It becomes critical that the algorithm or program approximates sufficiently(, or disaster can occur Smart materials make the situation even worse.
16. What is more, in the hierarchical algorithm, early rules gain much more credit.
17. Parsing Algorithm A grammar is simply a declarative statement of what forms a valid sentence.
18. But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.
19. The algorithm used is best described by considering an example.
20. The principal datum input to any search algorithm is a description of its search space.
21. Are there any absolute limitations to what an algorithm could in principle achieve?
22. When files are randomly organized using an algorithm, the device must first be initialized to remove all prior data.
23. This method, which is commonly known as staged search, does affect the admissibility of the algorithm.
24. Its use of mutation and chance seems to occur within restraints; within an algorithm that we are still trying to decipher.
25. According to the Forum, these can also be used to develop algorithm applications.
26. How the interconnection weights are changed is the function of the learning algorithm.
27. To help prove this theorem we shall need to call upon the following result, which is known as the Division Algorithm.
28. They thus show the number of synonyms created, assuming a perfect randomizing algorithm, for various packing factors.
29. The mind-stuff of strong Al is the logical structure of an algorithm.
30. If the costs on the paths are non-decreasing with length then this algorithm is guaranteed to find the cheapest path first.
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