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Functionary in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: officialSimilar words: functionalfunctionand functionmalfunctiondysfunctiondictionarydictionary ordercompunctionMeaning: ['fʌŋ(k)ʃnərɪ]  n. a worker who holds or is invested with an office. 
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1. At work, she was a cipher, a functionary, nothing more.
2. The visitors were met by a functionary who escorted them to the director's office.
3. They furnished the Temple with its dignitaries and functionaries.
4. Instrumentalists regard administrative elites as simply functionaries who make policy according to the rational interests of the capitalist class.
5. On Dec. 8 the State Council abolished a regulation which required public functionaries to be subjected to a security investigation.
6. The senior functionary on boards was Amir Aslan Afshar, the grand master of ceremonies.
7. Elected governments and administrative elites are passive functionaries who simply facilitate the bargains struck by the functional elites.
8. It was a town of magistrates and lawyers, of government functionaries and landed nobles.
9. The bourgeoisie became a source of state functionaries as the sale of offices increased to pay for the ever-growing cost of armies.
10. Below this top crust was a growing group which included teachers, notaries, minor government functionaries and moderately successful traders.
11. Until well into the sixteenth century the royal court and its functionaries were peripatetic.
12. Even some Party functionaries were heard to say that it would be better if Goebbels stopped writing and speaking altogether.
13. In this interpretation, information specialists were functionaries who merely implemented the decisions of top management.
14. There were very few functionaries, however mean, who would stoop to inquire into the maintenance of toilets.
15. Lenin accepted that socialism would be a form of state, but with a different mode of organizing state functionaries.
16. They include parchment and paper rolls prepared by receivers, manorial court officials and other functionaries.
17. Despite frequent references in the press to the number of Party functionaries in leading posts at the Front, such criticisms persisted.
18. On our wish-list, needless to say, we would name only serious writers, rather than hacks or functionaries.
19. Physiology maturity is grow as body functionary and mature.
20. Da Zhou public move of teacher and functionary examination.
21. Article 13 An in - service functionary in a State organ shall not concurrently practice as a lawyer.
22. Functionary analysis is contemporary organization implementation government is changed scientifically, the system changes most fundamental job.
23. The current functionary crime seriously hinders the process of affairs according to law.
24. Any functionary of the securities regulatory body that conducts any insider trading a heavier punishment.
25. ' Emigrant ,' said the functionary,'I am going to send you on to Paris, under an escort.'
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26. As chairman of housing in Lambeth in the early 1970s, he was every inch the small-minded functionary.
27. The Secretariat , an organ operating under WFCMS, is responsible for WFCMS's functionary management.
28. Part eight: Comprehension and perfection of the about state functionary in our criminal laws.
29. From the identity, in principle, of the aims of the party and of the class, the functionary deduces his right to lay down the law to the class.
30. Usable response rate and build differentiation low-key exact extent comes assess is coriaceous functionary restores a situation.
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