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Immerse in a sentence

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Synonym: absorbdipdrowndunkengageengrossenthrallfascinategripholdinundateoccupyplungesinksubmergeSimilar words: immerseddimmerglimmerinterspersetrimmedsummerimmediatecommerceMeaning: [ɪ'mɜrs /ɪ'mɜːs]  v. 1. thrust or throw into 2. engross (oneself) fully 3. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing 4. cause to be immersed. 
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1. I immerse my clothes in the water.
2. Immerse the plant for a few minutes.
3. Immerse your foot in ice cold water to reduce the swelling.
4. Immerse the cloth in the dye for twenty minutes.
5. People can immerse themselves in the spiritual dimension without being religious at all.
6. If bulbs look shrivelled when unpacked, immerse in trays of damp peat until plumped out.
7. Blanche in turn was happy to immerse herself in country life for a few days and play endless games with her two nephews.
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8. A detective chief super should immerse himself in bumf until the last trump sounds and like it.
9. While holding the glass vertically, open side down, immerse it completely in the water. 6.
10. Reeve decided to immerse himself in the day-to-day affairs of his company until business improved.
11. If you immerse the mushrooms in water, they'll become soggy.
12. The student needs to immerse himself in the performance of a kata in order to release his emotions.
13. A highly sensitive child may immerse herself in the rich fantasy life of this phase, but then constantly scare herself.
14. They did not have time to immerse themselves in technical detail.
15. Filters: Brush off loose debris, immerse in very hot alkali degreaser solution and leave for some hours.
16. They briefly immerse the new ones, for luck.
17. Immerse yourself for evermore, O mind.
18. Fully immerse gelling agent for deodorant into cool water.
19. Immerse the cloth in the boiling dye!
20. Immerse yourself in the excitement of professional football.
21. Don't immerse ourself in this infliction too long.
22. Don't immerse yourself in the infliction too long.
23. Immerse the whole hardware in the solution and soak for 10 - 15 minutes.
24. Use tongs to immerse and remove objects from cryogenic liquids.
25. Those who immerse themselves in scientific research and work at it doggedly should be encouraged.
26. Immerse yourself in the world of One Thousand and One Nights with rich backgrounds and dynamic lighting effects.
27. A gurgling burn looms before you and in its cool streams you immerse your weary feet.
28. Most days when it is severe, I simply get up and immerse myself in work.
29. Bring a pot of water to a boil and immerse Brussels sprouts in boiling water.
30. Place each slide in a container of adequate depth and immerse the slide in liquid paraffin oil.
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