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Sedentary in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-02-03Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: migratorySimilar words: momentarycommentaryelementarydocumentaryrudimentaryvoluntaryprecedentdentalMeaning: ['sedntərɪ /-rɪ]  adj. requiring sitting or little activity. 
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1. He became increasingly sedentary in later life.
2. People in sedentary jobs need to take exercise.
3. Rhinos are largely sedentary animals.
4. Bookkeeping is a sedentary occupation.
5. I don't think a sedentary life would altogether suit me.
6. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease.
7. America's young people are too sedentary.
8. Sedentary aging increases protein needs above the current RDA.
9. Most chitons are rather sedentary animals,[Sentence dictionary] living in one spot and venturing short distances in search of food.
10. They may also be less sedentary, and certainly have different genes.
11. Sedentary men, particularly those over 40, should not start a running program without a physical exam, he said.
12. While many still visualize cruises as sedentary, today they are far from that.
13. People with sedentary lifestyles have a greater risk of heart attacks.
14. People with sedentary jobs generally need to eat less than those in very active occupations.
15. The simple act of giving up a sedentary occupation brought about the improved the state of health.
16. Is being fat dangerous, or is it the sedentary lifestyle that often goes along with being fat?
17. I tend now to the sedentary, and when I walk in the city I prefer to amble.
18. The nonsmoking, sedentary men involved in the study were 20 percent to 60 percent over ideal weight, but otherwise healthy.
19. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle learned in her youth are often responsible.
20. If these lives are sedentary then we risk becoming unfit and obese.
21. My doctor says I should start playing sport because my lifestyle is too sedentary.
22. In our civilization at present, many of us have sedentary or semi-sedentary occupations.
23. If you are not regularly stretching your body aerobically in some form of continuous whole body exercise, then you are sedentary.
24. This is especially important for anyone who has been sedentary or who has not engaged in regular vigorous physical activity.
25. Most tissues of the body contain scattered macrophages, which lead an inactive, sedentary life until stimulated by encountering foreign debris.
26. Although rhinos have been depicted as rather vicious stampeding animals they are in fact sedentary and often solitary.
27. By their mid-40s, more than 40 percent of males and more than 80 percent of females are sedentary.
28. Quite simply, like millions of other people, we had become sedentary.
29. The exercise program was aimed at men in their fifties and sixties who were previously sedentary.
30. The obvious question raised is whether it is possible for sedentary workers to obtain health benefits by physical activity in leisure time.
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