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Antecedent in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-11-26Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: subsequentSimilar words: unprecedentedrecedesecedeprecedeintercedeaccedeconcedecredenceMeaning: [‚nt] n. 1. someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent) 2. a preceding occurrence or cause or event 3. anything that precedes something similar in time 4. the referent of an anaphor; a phrase or clause that is referred to by an anaphoric pronoun. adj. preceding in time or order. 
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1. That was antecedent to this event.
2. Those were events antecedent to the revolution.
3. The Byrds are seen as an antecedent of bands like R.E.M.
4. Think about the antecedent events most conducive to exercise, and the rewards most likely to maintain it.
5. Antecedent permission seems therefore perfectly normal.
6. Events antecedent to the war failed to serve as a warning of the threat.
7. When the antecedent is a collective noun, the choice of the number forms of the pronoun and corresponding determiner depends on the meaning of the collective noun in the context.
8. Something out mind always has antecedent.
9. This is an antecedent of the war.
10. It was permissible to take account of antecedent legislation.
11. The direct antecedent to the company, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, was founded by John Karcher and Eugene McDermott in 1930 to provide seismographic data for the petroleum industry.
12. The name antecedent to his birth.
13. The managerial nature of the word has further antecedent to French speakers.
14. Antecedent derivation is an extension of theorem proving.
15. The word " man " is the antecedent of " who " in " the man who spoke ".
16. That's an antecedent standard. Moral desert.
17. Lymphocytic mastopathy might be an antecedent of some mammary NHL.
18. In indirect anaphora, an anaphor and an antecedent have different but relevant references.
19. In the sentence 'He picked a book off the shelf and handed it to Sally, 'book' is the antecedent of 'it'.
20. When the college was established in 1546[], it inherited a hall from each of three antecedent institutions.
21. In 'He grabbed the ball and threw it in the air', 'ball' is the antecedent of 'it'.
22. 'Which proves I'm right' is not clear unless we know the antecedent of 'which'.
23. Second, it is not clear that conditional statements are strongly verified simply by showing that both antecedent and consequent are true.
24. However, Poulantzas would presumably argue that in any given case the course of events is determined by antecedent factors.
25. But it cannot account for the case when the pronouns any nearby prior antecedent.
26. This entity or concept is invisible in language form. It hides in the prototypic scenario of the antecedent.
27. Put simply law of causality states that every material effect must have an adequate antecedent cause.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. Bridging reference is a kind of reference in which there is no direct connection anaphor and antecedent.
29. The linguistic expression which appeared previously in the text is called antecedent while the latter anaphor.
30. An association rule is still uninteresting if are negatively correlated items in its antecedent or consequent.
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