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Scorch in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2016-12-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: blisterburncharparchsearsingeSimilar words: porchscornscorediscorddiscordanthabeas corpusforceby forceMeaning: [skɔrtʃ /skɔːtʃ]  n. 1. a surface burn 2. a plant disease that produces a browning or scorched appearance of plant tissues 3. a discoloration caused by heat. v. 1. make very hot and dry 2. become superficially burned 3. destroy completely by or as if by fire 4. burn slightly and superficially so as to affect color 5. become scorched or singed under intense heat or dry conditions. 
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1. The fire left scorch marks halfway up the wall.
2. The leaves are inclined to scorch in hot sunshine.
3. Direct sunlight will scorch the plant's leaves.
4. There were slight scorch marks on the floor.
5. The meat will scorch if you don't lower the gas.
6. The leaves will scorch if you water them in the sun.
7. There were scorch marks on the kitchen worktop where a hot pan had been placed.
8. Bits of food left on the grill will scorch, burn, and become bitter when they are reheated.
9. This shirt is ruined - there's a big scorch mark on the back.
10. These collapse, shrivel and dry as though scorched - but this is not to be confused with frost scorch.
11. The smell of scorch came floating down the stairs, very strong.
12. Scorch marks along the bamboos showed that they had been heated in fire to give the characteristic upward curve of the bow.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. The western sun would scorch and dazzle and we would pull down the blinds in the compartment.
14. Her anger, newly kindled, needed something to scorch and shrivel before it could be extinguished.
15. To scorch or sear with heat.
16. I scorch the chao - mian.
17. The maid scorch the shirt in ironing it.
18. Young drivers often scorch on the street.
19. Scorch - marks marred the walls, the floors, the ceilings.
20. Kurt watched the Pelicans fire their jets and scorch the grass.
21. Make it aleatoric burn, then it can scorch a heart.
22. That material will scorch easily if it is too near the fire.
23. This material will scorch easily if it is too near the fire.
24. If any of the spray goes onto the lawn it will scorch the grass.
25. On the night of the dinner-party, it seems, the kitchen maid has allowed the meat to scorch.
26. Having the iron on a very high heat can scorch the fabric.
27. Very quick acting, it is quickly soluble and liable to cause scorch.
28. Mr Bourne mentioned a fuse incorporated in plaited binder-twine; this would explain the deep scorch marks.
29. I bought it regardless, but have been watching ever since for scorch marks on the rucksack pocket where it lives.
30. If you've ever had a garden or grown flowers in a window box, you've probably heard that you shouldn't water your plants at high noon because their leaves might scorch.
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