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Lumpy in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2016-11-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: plumpjumpdumppumpglumjump offtriumphclumsyMeaning: ['lʌpɪ]  adj. 1. like or containing small sticky lumps 2. having lumps; not smooth and even in texture. 
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1. When the rice isn't cooked properly it goes lumpy and gooey.
2. This bed is lumpy?I just can't seem to get comfortable.
3. The fingers were gnarled, lumpy, with long, curving nails suggestive of animal claws.
4. Sandra lay on the lumpy mattress, unable to sleep.
5. Saltcoats was made up of lumpy steppe.
6. Is the mattress lumpy and saggy?
7. Lumpy chin I have a pair of juvenile Oscars in a four foot tank.
8. I hate lumpy porridge.
9. It is pale and lumpy; the tips of the fingers are curled slightly backward.
10. A milky discharge, if it is lumpy, in big lumps[], then Sepia would be well worth trying.
11. Or like strands of lumpy noodle in the soup of probability.
12. What's red and lumpy, wears a mask and rides a horse through the desert?
13. First the ugly lumpy larvae, the precision closeups showing its undershot jaw as it chomped its way through its subaqueous world.
14. The skin on his back is speckled and lumpy from burns, but when I ask he laughs.
15. This gravy is lumpy.
16. Doctors have discovered that in suitable cases the lumpy atheroma deposits can be squeezed flat, widening the arteries again.
17. It was raining quite hard and his Canals sweatshirt felt lumpy and cold.
18. But it could equally well have started out in a very lumpy and disordered state.
19. I paid $40 a week for a tiny room with a lumpy couch and a battered old desk.
20. The gravitational fields of these irregular chunks are so lumpy that any orbit is certain to evolve rapidly.
21. His body ached for her and he would press his face into the lumpy pillow groaning with the hopelessness of his need.
22. The sea had lost its sparkle and now looked leaden and lumpy.
23. Such costs suggest portfolio adjustment by means of large lumpy transactions rather than by the continuous small transactions implied by quadratic costs.
24. Skimming along the water-front with the peculiarly flat ride jeeps give when they're not lurching on one wheel over lumpy terrain.
25. But if the bronchoscope could see cancers before they became lumpy,[] that might change.
26. I was taught how to do a somersault on top of leather mats as lumpy as my face after a bad fight.
27. A small neat iron bed with a shabby well-washed coverlet had one lumpy pillow and sheets which were hard to the touch.
28. Continue stirring and mashing potatoes for about 5 minutes, or until the water is absorbed and potatoes are soft and lumpy.
29. Stir the sauce until it cools, otherwise it will be lumpy.
30. In another bowl, place brown sugar, softened butter and flour; mix until mixture is lumpy.
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