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Dimmer in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2016-11-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: immediatesummercommercecommercialdiminishimmunedimensionimpedimentMeaning: ['dɪmə]  n. a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination. 
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1 We fitted dimmer switches in all the bedrooms.
2 Buy a dimmer switch and keep the light on low, or switch it off altogether.
3 It was even dimmer here, and more oppressive.
4 As the light grows dimmer, the monuments feel even larger, more crowded around us, a city of the dead.
5 Roma table Grillo low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp with dimmer switch.
6 Rather than the room having a dimmer, you have a dimmer.
7 Tau Ceti is rather smaller, dimmer and less luminous than the Sun.
8 Mr Howes said he and Mr Dimmer were never issued with protective clothing or warned how dangerous the chemical was.
9 The Trifid is a little dimmer than the Lagoon.
10 Fainter, dimmer, stiller each moment , Now night.
11 Push the lamp cord plug back into the dimmer housing until they bottom Plugplugreceptacle.
12 A new Sine Wave Stage Dimmer Based on AC chopping control is proposed, and the hardware and software of it is introduced in this paper.
13 Valid dimmer levels shall be 0 to 255 decimal (00 to FF hexadecimal) representing dimmer control input levels of OFF to FULL in a linear relationship.
14 To turn lamp completely off . slide the dimmer button end oftrack.
15 A dimmer control knob is provided on the right side of the front panel which also activates the lamp test.
16 In one form, the universal dimmer begins each operation in the trailing edge mode and upon detection of an inductive load, switches to leading edge mode.
17 Locate where the dimmer will be positioned along the length of the SPT -2 lamp cord.
18 The inclusion of polyamide and alkyl ketene dimmer improved the mechanical properties of methylcellulose, especially the wet tensile strength. Testing of biodegradation activity showed that both St.
19 Now they left the main road for the quieter, dimmer back streets.
20 A simple way of upgrading switching is to fit dimmer switches, which alter the light level.
21 Through the shimmer he saw the huge octopus eyes of the juggernaut grow dimmer.
22 The shapes of the Women, dragging the boat up the beach, were dimmer and more ghostly than ever.
23 If spots or downlights are bought,( they're often used without benefit of a dimmer switch.
24 By adjusting the reaction temperature or using different cyclization methods, condensation is carried out, and indanone dimmer and indanone trimer can be obtained respectively.
25 Methods 2 cases of typical MVE patient were detected with D - dimmer level.
26 The combination switch of ISUZU N series light truck has controlling functions of head light, dimmer light, overtaking, left and right turing, hazard warning, windshield wiping and washing etc.
27 Leading edge and trailing edge means the function of the dimmer.
28 The high stability and close-packed assembly were interrupted with increasing the chain length, and the co-existing self-assembly structure of the single molecule and dimmer was formed.
29 Nevertheless, EDC cross - link assay showed that AtMAP 18 did not bind to tubulin dimmer.
30 There was a clearer distinction of ranks and a dimmer distinction of parties.
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