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Squid in a sentence

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Sentence count:120Posted:2016-11-09Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: liquidquid pro quofluidsquadsquaresqueezeguidanceguidelineMeaning: [skwɪd]  n. 1. (Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food 2. widely distributed fast-moving ten-armed cephalopod mollusk having a long tapered body with triangular tail fins. 
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1. The seals feed mainly on fish and squid.
2. Add the prawns and squid and cook for 2 minutes.
3. The whales favour large prey, including squid, cod and sharks.
4. In 1887, another giant squid was found, this time in New Zealand.
5. Another favoured prey item is the giant squid, which can reach lengths of 12m.
6. It houses sea snails, cockles, mussels, large fish, squid, cuttlefish, octopuses, shrimps and crabs.sentencedict .com
7. Squid have no penises at all, using a specially adapted arm instead.
8. This is the pattern of the squid and octopus eye as well as of the artificial mechanical one built by man, the camera.
9. Squid is a delicacy in this part of Italy.
10. It preys on squid and smaller fish which occur in surface waters.
11. Would you like some squid?
12. The squid is tender and dressed in a pungent fishy sauce with a hint of nuttiness.
13. Over two hundred kinds of squid are eaten in every conceivable way from raw to pickled.
14. And the squid is very, very hungry.
15. It is a giant squid, its long tentacles twisting about like huge snakes.
16. The shrimp and squid in particular make for interesting textural contrasts.
17. Squid travel in shoals.
18. Tonight, and only tonight, the opalescent squid will mate.
19. Perhaps the most famous legendary squid is the Norse Kraken, a monstrous, tentacled beast as large as an island that devoured ships whole.
20. Like many invertebrates, squid appear limp and squishy—but once they get a grip on you, they're incredibly powerful.
21. The toothed whales have a set of teeth which they use to grasp large and quick-moving prey, mainly squid or fish.
22. The real star, of course, is the beast, a giant squid more properly known as Architeuthis Dux.
23. He had raided the downtown warehouse arena the night she defeated Melanie Squid in the Kumite.
24. Apart from bait caught on the water, mostly frozen squid and sardines are used.
25. This should be spiced with a little chilli paste, and poured over the squid which you have kept just warm.
26. There are vertical things that look like the tentacles of a squid or octopus.
27. There must have been thousands upon thousands of small fish driven upward to the surface by hordes of squid feeding from below.
28. The computer has been taught fishing tricks: it jiggles the line to make the squid think the bait is alive.
29. Drift nets up to 50 kilometres long are used primarily for catching tuna, squid and pink salmon.
30. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has released this video of the vampire squid to emphasize a report that raises a red flag about the earth's oceans.
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