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Eject in a sentence

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Sentence count:58+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-09Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: drive outeliminateexpeloustremoveSimilar words: rejectabjectsubjectprojectsubject toobjectivesubjectiveobjectionMeaning: [ɪ'dʒekt]  v. 1. put out or expel from a place 2. eliminate (substances) from the body 3. leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule 4. cause to come out in a squirt. 
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1. Officials used guard dogs to eject the protesters.
2. He tried to eject the spent cartridge and reload.
3. Some ants eject formic acid when irritated.
4. How do you eject the tape?
5. The pilot managed to eject moments before the plane crashed.
6. This safety invention will eject the pilot from a burning plane.
7. Press the stop button again to eject the tape.
8. Did you see me eject anybody?
9. They tried to eject him from the podium.
10. Cosmic-rays can also eject atoms, ions and electrons from matter in the magnetosphere.
11. Some then become undertakers and eject the dead, while others venture out as hunters.
12. Then Macintosh would prompt you to eject Fred and insert Fred Redux.
12. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
13. But impact events can eject rock chips to great distances from their point of origin.
14. I scrambled up and reached for the eject button on the cassette deck.
15. He worked the pump action frantically to eject the spent cartridge and reload.
16. One crew member ejected but was later found drowned, the other did not eject and died in the crash.
17. To eject from the mouth; spit.
18. To parachute from an aircraft; eject.
19. The lizards can eject blood from its eyes.
20. Seconds passed. Now Stricklin reached for the eject handle.
21. It is completely against our national interest to eject from here.
22. Try to eject the tape after it has been unmounted.
23. If her eject does you damply, give her hope, cannot get angry.
24. It's annoying that the chimneys of those plants in the city eject a lot of smoke every day.
25. As the plane fell rapidly towards the ground, the pilot had to eject.
26. Two engines cut out and the plane started to eject fuel as it lost height.
27. In fact, we have watched the fish take tadpoles into their mouths, then swiftly eject them.
28. Like jellyfish, they have only one opening to their gut through which they both take in food and eject waste.
29. It was thought that only animals of that description could either eject rabbits from their burrows or kill them underground.
30. Siphon type is divided again for type of siphon of eject of general siphon type vortical siphon type.
More similar words: rejectabjectsubjectprojectsubject toobjectivesubjectiveobjectionbe subject toconjectureprojectionknee-jerkdouble jeopardyelectselectsectordetectaffecteffectdirectaspectinsectexpectsectionlecturerespectsuspectcollectconnectcorrect
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