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Viscous in a sentence

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Sentence count:163Posted:2016-10-24Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: glueyglutinousgummymucilaginouspastystickysyrupyviscidSimilar words: discoursediscountdiscouragediscourageddiscordvisceraldiscordantscoundrelMeaning: ['vɪskəs]  adj. 1. having a relatively high resistance to flow 2. having the sticky properties of an adhesive. 
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1, As the liquid cools, it becomes viscous.
2, This thin region is known as the viscous sub-layer.
3, She could see the viscous juices.that lubricated its mandibles.
4, It embraces fluid mechanics and viscous flow as well as elasticity and shows the relations between these formerly separate fields of physics.
5, Hence the viscous dissipation is associated with high wavenumbers; i.e. it is brought about by small eddies.
6, The creatures died on their backs in viscous green pools.
7, Small domes composed of viscous lava may form within craters.
8, The flavour should be almost viscous for a white wine, rich and succulent for a supposedly dry wine.
9, Pools of viscous liquid started to spread across the floor.
10, Viscous liquid oozed out like an alien blob and slowly enveloped the dented car.
11, The viscous drags is equal to the resultant force.
12, APPLICATION: Light yellow-green or brown-red color viscous semitransparent liquid.
13, Gases are much less viscous than liquids.
14, Viscous - flow, laminar and turbulent boundary layers.
15, The thermal wave and the viscous wave as well as the compressional wave are considered in the multiple scattering process among suspended particles.
16, Viscous damping wall is a new type of viscous dampers which recently be used for its flexible distribution, large damping force and notable energy-dissipating effect.
17, Elastoviscoplastic properties, especially viscous properties of water-saturated or air-dried sands, were investigated based on the results of a series of plane strain compression (PSC) tests.
18, To keep high permeability formations during development of viscous oil and servicing of well, a fine filtering process for completion fluids, slushing fluids and workover fluids must be made.
19, The natural vibration of linear systems with any viscous damping was discussed in this paper,( its applications to the response and identification of the systems were explicated.
20, The study on the hydro viscous brake shows that a coupling relationship exists among the parameters of oil film thickness, hydro viscous torque and friction disc speed.
21, The sluice gates holding back a bottomless reservoir of blood are creaking open, spattering the country with thick, viscous dollops.
22, Accepting then that the material making up the mantle can behave as a viscous liquid, this raises an interesting possibility.
23, The process is normally incomplete because crystallization takes place when the polymer is a viscous liquid.
24, It is a gum and in water produces a very viscous solution even at low concentrations.
25, She moved as if she were in a dream, wading through viscous liquid.
26, The contrast between gas-rich and gas-poor magmas is much more pronounced at the viscous granitic end of the scale.
27, Thus instead of Boltzmann equation this model equation may be approximately used to discuss the motion of gases in the transient region between molecular flow and viscous...
28, The air outside the ball was ignored, and it was assumed that the air inside the ball behaved according to a compressive, viscous fluid-flow model.
29, This paper is concerned with vibration problems of linear System with viscous damping. A complex mode theory is presented.
30, Some investigators maintain that large boulders must be supported by turbulence within a viscous debris flow.
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