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Scanning in a sentence

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Sentence count:154Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: planningcunningrunningstunningspinningbeginningat the beginningat the beginning ofMeaning: ['skænɪŋ]  n. 1. the process of translating photographs into a digital form that can be recognized by a computer 2. the act of systematically moving a finely focused beam of light or electrons over a surface in order to produce an image of it for analysis or transmission. 
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1. She sat scanning the yellowing pages.
2. He raised the binoculars to his eye again, scanning across the scene.
3. She was nervous and kept scanning the crowd for Paul.
4. He walked into Chippenham Road, scanning the house numbers.
5. The school's equipment includes a scanning electron microscope.
6. Stern started every day by scanning the want ads.
7. Data were acquired by scanning in three-dimensional mode.
8. Fig. 5. Scanning electron micrograph of a diatom.
9. Male speaker Ultrasound scanning is a great help.
10. I stood there scanning lines of poetry, the opening phrases of short stories, aphorisms or excerpts from essays.
11. Imagine scanning an image as a bitmap and then converting that to PostScript.
12. A brief scanning of the second paragraph, once again, took a little of the shine away.
13. This is needed for electron microprobe or back-scattered Scanning Electron Microscope work where a perfect surface is required.
14. The visual skills of scanning and reorientation, for example,( from book to blackboard will be difficult.
15. Scanning technology would enhance their capability even further, allowing transfer of physical pictures.
16. And unlike X-rays and other sorts of scanning there is no surgery or radiation.
17. I kept scanning, propelled by a mounting sense of dread, and eerie familiarity.
18. However, Fahey and Narayanan comment, in practice scanning frequently detects environmental change that is already at an advanced state.
19. On occasion he found himself scanning the lake, throttling down as he passed bleak islands of rock and pine.
20. DeskScan/UX allows scanning, viewing, manipulating for scale, contrast and brightness, storing and printing high-resolution colour and monochrome images.
21. Our Astern also contains the newest computerized scanning device that determines exactly where and when the intrusion occurred.
22. When this scanning is complete, the 3D structure is released by pouring out the remaining liquid.
23. I was just laying there, scanning the sky(, and they just came and came.
24. But now scanning techniques have been improved, which will help make early diagnosis possible.
25. Develops the skills further, and pays special attention to more sophisticated sub-skills such as scanning a text.
26. This allows the device to be used for graphics scanning as well.
27. Clearly this is useful for tasks which involve extensive scanning of information sources and deliberations about what action to take.
28. Sometimes in the evenings Kalchu would sit outside under the eaves, scanning the horizon, willing the sky to change.
29. The problem of poor image quality can be tracked down to the scanning stage.
30. After location, chromatograms were kept refrigerated in polythene envelopes, and exposure was minimised during scanning.
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