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Aside in a sentence

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Sentence count:254+35 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: apartawaybydigressiondivagationexcursusparenthesisSimilar words: set asideput asidelay asideaside fromcast asideside by sidesidebesideMeaning: [ə'saɪd]  n. 1. a line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage 2. a message that departs from the main subject. adv. 1. on or to one side 2. out of the way (especially away from one's thoughts) 3. not taken into account or excluded from consideration 4. in a different direction 5. placed or kept separate and distinct as for a purpose 6. in reserve; not for immediate use. 
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(1) We should put aside and postpone all other reforms; that we have but one task-----the istruction of the people, the diffusion of education, the ecourgement of science----on that day a great step will have then been taken in our rgenerion. 
(2) He pushed the chair aside.
(3) She went aside for a few moments.
(4) She waved his worries aside.
(5) He stepped aside to let her pass.
(6) I moved aside to let him get by.
(7) Stand aside, please, and let these people pass.
(8) Let's put it aside and have a rest.
(9) I've been setting aside a few pounds each week.
(10) He's put aside a tidy sum for his retirement.
(11) e brushed aside the tears with his sleeve.
(12) Flinging aside his coat,he chased after his attacker.
(13) We shall put it aside for the time being.
(14) Sarah closed the book and laid it aside.
(15) I tossed the book aside and got up.
(16) For you(, I can put aside all the.
(17) Lay aside your book and go to bed.
(18) He waved aside my offer of help.
(19) All these restrictions were swept aside.
(20) Three million dollars was set aside.
(21) Well, all joking aside, let's get to work.
(22) I stepped aside so that she might come in.
(23) He elbowed the woman aside.
(24) Put aside all Facing the misunderstanding to keep cool.
(25) He thrust aside all precautionary advice.
(26) He cast aside all his old books.
(27) He finished the tea and laid the cup aside.
(28) She drew me aside and whispered in my ear.
(29) When the ffish is caught the net is laid aside
(30) If democracy is to survive, it is the task of men of thoughts, as well as men of action,( to put aside pride and prejudice; and with courage and single-minded devotion---- to find the truth and teach the truth that shall keep men free. 
More similar words: set asideput asidelay asideaside fromcast asideside by sidesidebesidebesidesoutsidersidewalkresidentconsideron the sideresidencealongsidepresidentpresidencyresidentialpresidentialconsiderablyconsiderableconsiderationbe considered asas ifas isbasicAsiancasinoas it is
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