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Religious in a sentence

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Synonym: adoringdevoutfaithfulpiousreverentAntonym: secularSimilar words: eligibledeliriousdelightreliefdelightfulrelievereliablederelictMeaning: [rɪ'lɪdʒəs]  n. a member of a religious order who is bound by vows of poverty and chastity and obedience. adj. 1. concerned with sacred matters or religion or the church 2. having or showing belief in and reverence for a deity 3. extremely scrupulous and conscientious. 
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1. jiddu Krishnamurti, lndia-born religious philosop Aman who does not know what passion is will never knowlove because love can come into being only when there is total self aban -donment . 
2. Religious fundamentalism was spreading in the region.
3. They thought the religious sect was guilty of brainwashing.
4. Jackson spent the day meeting with local religious and civic leaders.
5. The essence of his religious teaching is love for all men.
6. Religious fanatics have formed an unholy alliance with right wing groups.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. I am not a religious fanatic but I am a Christian.
8. We must not perpetuate the religious divisions of the past.
9. His philosophical writings are imbued with religious belief.
10. Her mother is a religious woman.
11. All non-violent religious and political beliefs should be respected equally.
12. They levied religious taxes on Christian commercial transactions.
13. The teenager may have been abducted by a religious cult.
14. Religious minorities were persecuted and massacred during the ten-year regime.
15. He endured three years in prison for his religious beliefs.
16. She shouldn't have desecrated the picture of a religious leader.
17. All members of the religious community keep these fasts.
18. People think she's a freak just because she's religious.
19. Throughout history(, people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs.
20. Several religious leaders have interceded with the authorities on behalf of the condemned prisoner.
21. There are fundamentaldifferences between your religious beliefs and mine.
22. His religious belief was always hedged with doubt.
23. He distanced himself from the strictly religious aspects of the music.
24. In the various regions of India, Hindus worship different gods and observe different religious festivals.
25. For most citizens, liberty means the freedom to practise their religious or political beliefs.
26. But I digress. To get back to what I was saying, this poem reflects the poet's love of nature and his religious beliefs.
27. The government should issue clear guidelines on the content of religious education.
28. The teacher hoped to elevate the minds of her young pupils by reading them religious stories.
29. She is, as countless stories about her attest, deeply religious.
30. This period in history is not noted for its religious tolerance.
More similar words: eligibledeliriousdelightreliefdelightfulrelievereliablederelictenviousdubiouscuriousanxiousvariousobviousimperiousofficiouspreviouspreliminaryreliabilityobviouslyobliviousvivaciousbumptiousambitiousmysteriouspreviouslysuspiciousmendaciouspugnaciouscapricious
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