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Unwieldy in a sentence

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Sentence count:60+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Synonym: awkwardbulkyclumsycumbersomeunhandyunmanageableSimilar words: fieldyieldshieldunwittingshieldingfield tripunwittinglybattle fieldMeaning: adj. 1. difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape 2. difficult to work or manipulate 3. lacking grace in movement or posture. 
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(1) A piano is a very unwieldy item to get down a flight of stairs.
(2) This machine is too unwieldy to move.
(3) His firm must contend with the unwieldy Russian bureaucracy.
(4) But the trucks are unwieldy, easily thrown off balance.
(5) The menus were unwieldy, the scrolling too slow, and the dedicated terminals too expensive.
(6) He has elevated the unwieldy string instrument to solo status, inspiring more than 300 compositions written especially for him.
(7) Even the rather unwieldy theological statement quoted by Ayer could be interpreted in this way.
(8) The first mechanical clocks were large and unwieldy, and there was soon a desire for smaller and more portable mechanisms.
(9) As the executive committee became more and more unwieldy, the officers' group began to operate more freely.
(10) For calculational purposes the Feynman approach is an unwieldy steam-hammer only capable of cracking some particularly brittle nuts.
(11) This merger, however, had produced a disunited and unwieldy party, more comfortable in opposition than in government.
(12) Similarly, de Kooning and Franz Kline used wide, unwieldy housepainter's brushes.
(13) Even in my mind I found it extremely unwieldy trying to lance one - let alone 100,000 - from a charging steed.
(14) Sooner or later, they knew the unwieldy mass would move again.
(15) It becomes too big and unwieldy and no longer possesses sufficient land to satisfy the needs of all.
(16) But the four-ball format was unwieldy and led to extraordinarily long rounds of five hours or more.
(17) The Commando raids, however, had been too unwieldy and had thus lacked the element of surprise.
(18) They came panting up to his door with their unwieldy baggage.
(19) One disadvantage for the bank is that its huge size - over 15 000 staff - makes it unwieldy and slow-moving.
(20) Amelio has said Apple will concentrate development efforts on the Internet and multimedia, streamline operations and pare its unwieldy product lineup.
(21) But the formula which brought them together was widely, and justifiably, condemned as unwieldy and tedious.
(22) The definition of cleanliness would delight a philosopher or scholar but is unwieldy in practice.
(23) Two workers casually dressed in navy blue shorts and singlets were already in the process of unloading the unwieldy hospital bed.
(24) There is material before it and emotional charge after it which make it unwieldy.
(25) She gave it back, but he could only move jerkily, like an unwieldy puppet.
(26) I tell him that I enjoyed the book much more than the Web site, which I found unwieldy and unsatisfying.
(27) But on a windy day like Thursday, the net becomes unwieldy because of the fast currents.
(28) In the confines of the small studios Doctor Who used for recording, they proved cumbersome and unwieldy.
(29) Besides raising important matters of principle, the ban proved unwieldy in operation because of the great breadth of the civil service.
(30) He has tried to work similar magic at the unwieldy Energy Department.
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