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Capricious in a sentence

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Antonym: faithfulhonestsincereSimilar words: officioussuspiciousvivaciousloquaciousmendaciouspugnaciousconsciousnesssubconsciouslyMeaning: [-ɪʃəs]  adj. 1. changeable 2. determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason. 
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1. Those allowed to be capricious Scalled youth.
2. The novelist characterizes his heroine as capricious and passionate.
3. He was a cruel and capricious tyrant.
4. The Union accused Walesa of being capricious and undemocratic.
5. She was as capricious as her mother had been.
6. His wife is very capricious.
7. Romantic heroines are often capricious.
8. A capricious and malevolent spirit, thing of shadows.
9. His feet turned capricious, slipping off at odd angles.
10. Eva Peron was vain, she was capricious, she was horribly insecure.
11. I revelled in the capricious vegetation wrought in iron - even the sound of water running in the urinals was pleasing.
12. The capricious and flighty Colette continued to see De Morny occasionally until the first world war.
13. For instance, if environmental changes are capricious, the animal's migration viewed in isolation will also be capricious.
14. They want continuity of policy, not capricious or arbitrary decisions.
15. They had indulged them with a capricious dominion, sometimes over the one, sometimes over the other object of desire.
16. His love was capricious, brazenly conditional and in permanently short supply.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. Employees need legal protection against capricious and unfair actions by their employers.
18. He became exasperatingly capricious and exacting.
19. CAPRICIOUS, mythical catfish lies beneath the Japanese archipelago.
20. Singleton female easy and capricious, selfish, slack, feebleminded wait.
21. Her Blazing eyes always Betray her covert capricious self.
22. We can't go camping while the weather is so capricious.
23. Both masters and men moreover chose to depict women as wilful and capricious.
24. What is certain is that the discipline imposed on them was more complex, more capricious and more cruel.
25. And here we are in one of the most notoriously capricious seas in the world, aboard a fantastic yacht called 2041.
26. Closer analysis shows that the motif does not appear as a random or capricious feature but follows a pattern.
27. Legislative response to that conviction can not be regarded as arbitrary or capricious and that is all we have to decide.
28. Whatever our endeavour, we need a measure of luck, the kiss of the capricious lady fortune.
29. The Maya were an agricultural people who had to contend with a capricious climate.
30. Regulation can vary from laissez-faire to the oppressive and capricious.
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