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Soporific in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-03-10Updated:2017-03-10
Synonym: hypnagogichypnogogichypnoticnarcoticsomniferoussomnificsoporiferousSimilar words: orificeterrificsacrificepurificationclarificationesterificationelectrificationmesopotamiaMeaning: [‚sɑpə'rɪfɪk /‚sɒ-]  n. a drug that induces sleep. adj. 1. sleep inducing 2. inducing mental lethargy. 
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1. His voice had an almost soporific effect.
2. I dozed off during the soporific music.
3. Soporific or just plain asleep commentators.
4. Cantor had underestimated the soporific effect of the six-course dinner, the two wines and the glass of port.
5. Booze was soporific, the brain was programmed to zero, it curled up and slept.
6. Soporific parliamentary debates now make essential viewing, and posters and T-shirts bearing his features sell fast.
7. A libel trial is in large parts intensely soporific, if you are not on the receiving end.
8. Making love was all very well, pleasant and soporific if not exactly ecstatic, but afterwards ... she needed her space.
9. With his shaved head and soporific disposition, Weller comes across as a kind of Kung Futon.
10. I found his style of lecturing soporific.
11. They certainly had soporific effect upon the Flopsy Bunnies!
12. This drug is benignly soporific.
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13. His voice had an soporific effect.
14. I often have to take soporific before I go to bed.
15. The soporific is ready! What a nasty smell! I can fill the washbowl now.
16. TYPICAL USE : After his soporific speech for an hour, the speaker received no applause from the audience.
17. At the start, everyone was respectful towards him, listening carefully to his soporific explanations.
18. After her disturbed night, she supine position and the soporific effect of air and sun were impossible to resist.
19. In summer, that gushing sound would be refreshingly cool and delightfully soporific.
20. Kyphi was always burnt after sunset for its effects were soporific and intoxicating.
21. Even the most witty economists sometimes fall into this soporific mode.
22. The warmth of the room and the monotony of the speaker's voice grew soporific.
23. In contrast to the blaze of sunlight outside, the inner light had a soporific effect, especially on the twins.
24. In Lavengro (or is it Romany Rye?) there is an impossible character, a victim of insomnia, who finds that a volume of Wordsworth's poems is the only sure soporific; but that was Borrow s malice.
25. Providence out of pity for mankind, has instilled a soporific charm into all tedious things.
26. After trudging for some distance, his slow steady steps acted as a soporific.
27. Such detours are well worth making and can greatly reduce the soporific boredom of motorway driving.
28. But given the rise in the number of sleep-disorder clinics and the sale of soporific drugs, even this one fundamental outlet for aloneness is in trouble.
29. The hibernatorial ambitions of Soapy were not of the highest. In them were no considerations of Mediterranean cruises, of soporific Southern skies or drifting in the Vesuvian Bay.
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