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Syndrome in a sentence

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Similar words: come fromround and roundcome homehundredlaundrydrowndropsdrop outMeaning: ['sɪndrəʊm]  n. 1. a complex of concurrent things 2. a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease. 
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1. About 70% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome.
2. This phenomenon has become known as the "Californian syndrome".
3. The proper name for Matthew's condition is hyperkinetic syndrome.
4. Lemon juice can help to prevent economy-class syndrome by improving blood circulation.
5. This syndrome mostly affects women in their forties.
6. This syndrome is associated with frequent coughing.
7. Many women suffer from premenstrual tension / syndrome, causing headaches and depression.
8. It's a classic case of the bored-housewife syndrome - she's got nothing to do all day except drink and go shopping.
9. AIDS is an acronym for "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome".
10. Half of all fetuses with the syndrome have a congenital heart defect.
11. Air conditioning can contribute to sick building syndrome.
12. It's a bit like the exam syndrome where you write down everything you know regardless of what has been asked.
13. Irritable bowel syndrome seems to affect more women than men.
14. Although irritable bowel syndrome is commonly believed to be a colonic motility disorder, the evidence supporting this hypothesis is inconsistent.
15. She also suffered from Parkinson's Disease, irritable bowel syndrome and had suffered a slight stroke.
16. The syndrome also may be seen in other conditions associated with intestinal malabsorption or nutritional deficiency.
17. An autopsy eventually ascribed the baby's death to sudden infant death syndrome.
18. Unemployment, inflation, and low wages are all part of the same economic syndrome.
19. With teenagers, be prepared for the 'Me, me, me!' syndrome .
20. The spots on his throat are part of a syndrome.
21. The Institute says that an unidentified virus is to blame for the syndrome.
22. A common household fungus can contribute to sick building syndrome.
23. The child had suffered what has become known as 'battered baby syndrome.'
24. To identify the changing needs and problems of Down's Syndrome adults and their families. 2.
25. This study lacked objective or prospective data and was biased by the exclusion from the controls of people with irritable bowel syndrome.
26. On the basis of many types of psychological testing of individuals, the researchers characterized a personality syndrome they termed authoritarianism.
27. To illustrate the point, I call it the Aeroflot Syndrome.
27. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
28. But the results of the Christmas consumer test will give new heart to anyone browned off by the festive ripoff syndrome.
29. These symptoms, often known collectively as hyperactivity or the hyperkinetic syndrome are dealt with more fully in Chapter Eleven.
30. Organic changes in the brain of some older people bring about an increase in agitation after dark known as sundowner s syndrome.
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