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Propagation in a sentence

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Sentence count:281Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: propagatepropagandaproportional representationcrop rotationappropriationnegationproportionallegationMeaning: [‚prɑpə'geɪʃn /‚prɒ-]  n. 1. the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions 2. the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production 3. the movement of a wave through a medium. 
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1. A period of vegetative propagation follows.
2. The third division was the propagation of Nonconformist principles.
3. Propagation is very easy from stem cuttings.
4. Propagation is by cuttings, which root and develop rapidly.
5. Propagation is by planting the stem cuttings.
6. Propagation is very easily achieved by cuttings.
7. Propagation in the aquarium is very slow and rare.
8. Propagation in the aquarium is by cuttings.
9. But can the propagation of all beliefs be explained in terms of their survival value?
10. Dissociation of initiation from propagation probably accounts for abortive spikes such as those observed in HeLa cells responding to low doses of histamine.
11. The technique of propagation by spores is lengthy and requires considerable knowledge.
12. Of the species whose vegetative propagation is rapid,[] the small plants forming a green lawn over the bottom prove most useful.
13. He carried out experiments on the propagation of short and ultra-short radio waves, which were then thought to be unusable.
14. The second method, budding is where vegetative propagation becomes distinctly more involved, difficult - and interesting.
15. There can never be a surfeit of the propagation of that fundamental message of grace.
16. Back propagation algorithms first adjust weights connected to the output layer.
17. With some Aponogeton and with larger Echinodorus vegetative propagation usually takes place spontaneously, with exceptions.
18. Propagation is by cuttings which root very freely. Fine white roots develop from the nodes on the stems.
19. In terms of radio propagation, varying electrical conductance in the ionosphere influences either the absorbency or reluctance of radio emissions.
20. Such techniques can greatly accelerate the development and propagation of new and uniform strains and varieties of plant.
21. Propagation is done by either dividing the rootstock with shoots or by planting seeds in a container of damp sand or loam.
22. The propagation of Aponogeton from seeds is elaborate and slow and requires special tanks without fish.
23. Conservative critics continued to argue that the purpose of college was the propagation and the pursuit of learning.
24. However a small scattering of calibrated stations could provide an interesting and potentially significant source of scientific date on radio propagation.
25. The stress concentration gets worse and the Griffith energy balance gets more and more favourable to crack propagation.
26. An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Mahatma Gandhi 
27. Numerous fine roots grow at the nodes, and therefore propagation is extremely simple.
28. In 1973, a small group of ferrets discovered in South Dakota were captured for a propagation program.
29. Natural selection favours those genes that manipulate the world to ensure their own propagation.
30. And so we come to our third reason for the propagation of citizenship as an ideal.
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