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Devastate in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2016-12-14
Synonym: destroyruinwreckSimilar words: devastatingstateestatereinstatestatementnation-statechief of statestate of affairsMeaning: ['devəsteɪt]  v. 1. devastate or ravage 2. overwhelm or overpower. 
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1. Disapproval would at first enrage and then devastate him, and these warning messages apparently arrived visually.
2. And without it, a trade war could devastate already shaky world economies.
3. Situations that would devastate others may be dealt with in constructive ways.
4. The Eclipse was also intended to devastate entire worlds.
5. Earthquakes can also cause tsunamis, which devastate coastal regions.
6. Devastate deals more damage ( and threat ) as your gear improves.
7. A fire or blood devastate and precious paper - historical documents completely.
8. What exactly happens when I hit the Devastate button?
9. Devastate damage ( and threat ) benefits from damage - increasing talents.
10. In what ways is Devastate better than Sunder Armor?
11. Devastate can crit and therefore generate added threat from the extra damage.
12. Corruption, organized crime[Sentence dictionary], and terrorist activities threaten to devastate the process.
13. They intended to devastate the town at one stroke.
14. This September I was invited to devastate the moors of a friend in the north.
15. Oil spills devastate the natural environment, endanger public health, imperil drinking water and disrupt the economy.
16. Historically, governments feared opium because they saw it devastate China.
17. Does Devastate generate more threat per hit than Sunder Armor?
18. In India, massive habitat loss continues to devastate Bengal tiger populations.
19. We will never break, though they devastate, we shall motivate.
20. Does Devastate always generate more threat per rage point spent than Sunder Armor?
21. Critics say it's encroaching on the green belt and would devastate local villages.
22. Because his mockery or contempt on top of everything else would devastate her.
23. There is in fact an optimum height for airbursts, at which they devastate the maximum amount of area on the surface.
24. Tourist souvenirs like furs, ivory, animal skins, coral necklaces and shells can devastate wildlife.
25. Even a modest aerial explosion like the fifteen-megaton Tunguska event would utterly devastate a modern city.
26. Is there any reason at all to use Sunder Armor when you have Devastate?
27. The best plan is a broad plan, so that a failure devastate.
28. Any prolonged injury to Rooney or Saha , in particular , would devastate United.
29. The Lurker focuses on spies, cloaks and subterfuge to devastate opponents.
30. The upshot is that we're horrifyingly nonchalant at the prospect that rising carbon emissions may devastate our favorite planet.
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