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Excel in a sentence

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Sentence count:170+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-14Updated:2016-12-14
Synonym: beatbettercapexceedsurpasstopSimilar words: excellentexceptexceedexcessexcept forexceptionexcessivein excess ofMeaning: [ɪk'sel] v. distinguish oneself. 
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1. Biographers excel at dredging up little known facts.
2. They each excel in their respective fields.
3. If your talent combines with diligence, you can excel in your pursuit.
4. How can I read a Microsoft Excel file on a computer that only has Works installed?
5. Rank Xerox also talks to non-competitors who excel in a particular function.
6. Internal: What must we excel at.
7. Perhaps they will excel at struggling through the maze of government regulations and prosper in the concrete and paper jungles of commerce.
8. Excel, on the other hand, is a well-developed product which has stood the test of time.
9. It's not bad to succeed, to excel, and it's always satisfying to solve a difficulty.
10. The wheels have Excel rims and Talon hubs, which are used by many top motocross teams.
11. An area where WordPerfect really does excel is that of printer drivers.
12. Excel 4 has the answer to my prayers in the Scenario Manager.
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. In college, he continued to excel, earning praise in the classroom almost as often as on the basketball court.
14. The Arabs did not just excel at managing debt.
15. What makes them excel in the communications business?
16. Producers such as these do not excel in only the great vintages.
17. The kind of tasks it might excel at are assembling keyboards and putting gearboxes or electric motors together.
18. Close down Excel and load it again, but this time your command centre worksheet is automatically loaded.
19. Some of the latter may excel at specialised subjects such as engineering or finance.
20. The best are the one-man bands who excel at all the things the large corporate consultancies pretend to.
21. Excel always treats negative money as cash out and positive money as cash in.
22. Many top athletes are perfectionists who drive themselves to excel.
23. Necessarily, the authors have had to provide very detailed instructions on the use of various Excel commands.
24. Athletic programs also must be maintained because they offer alternatives to students who may not always excel in academics, Goodrich said.
25. If you happen to be a seasoned 1-2-3 or Excel user reluctant to loose reams of data, then have no fear.
26. In October 1971, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi gave a party to excel all parties.
27. Many parents put too much pressure on their children to excel in school.
28. As a result, very few software companies developed Windows spreadsheets and the field was left clear for Microsoft's Excel.
29. The Coelenterates, of which corals are a good example, excel in the variety of their means of replication.
30. The reader is offered a steaming cup of coffee at the end of Chapter 4 in the Excel book.
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