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Humiliate in a sentence

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Synonym: disgracedishonorembarrassinsultmortifyoffendshameSimilar words: conciliatefamiliarunfamiliarconciliatorybe familiar withreconciliationcivilianmilitaryMeaning: [hjuː'mɪlɪeɪt]  v. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of. 
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1. How could I humiliate myself like that?
2. I didn't want to humiliate her in front of her colleagues.
3. How could you humiliate me by questioning my judgment in front of everyone like that?
4. You should not humiliate her in public.
5. There are people who want to humiliate you and grind you down.
6. Grown men shouldn't humiliate themselves like this.
7. But I will not humiliate myself by trying to justify what I do.
8. The invading army took every opportunity to humiliate the local peasants.
9. Why do you always have to humiliate me in front of your friends?
10. They pay me empty compliments which only humiliate me.
11. I learned that to humiliate another person is to make him suffer an unnecessarily cruel fate.
12. Don't humiliate his intelligence, that just like in mercy killing.
13. What right had they to bully and humiliate people like this?
14. No one can humiliate or disturb us unless we let him.
15. Shanxi coal boss purchase Mission: to humiliate a group of 10 million moneybags?
16. It was not my intention to hurt or humiliate her.
17. When the scoundrel tried to humiliate the girl,[] the police came.
18. Perhaps they wanted everything immediately, or perhaps they felt the need to humiliate Mr Gubbay.
19. Officials had stressed that the proposed flogging would be to humiliate Mr Brown, not draw blood.
20. On one hand, he resented his courtroom tirades, which were often personal and designed to humiliate.
21. The court heard that the head of department would routinely bully and humiliate workers.
22. It seemed -the least he could do - to deny himself the dramatic gesture, to humiliate himself.
23. In my country to this very day they would still only try to humiliate me.
24. Usually the object of the exercise is to shock, disgust or humiliate the unwilling audience, rather than injure.
25. ONE of the most humbling features of the financial crisis is its ability to humiliate policymakers who, thinking that they have a bazooka in their closet, soon discover that it is a mere popgun.
26. You stalked this guy for 20 years just for the shot to humiliate him?
27. We are civilizations, the civilization do not row the mark of equality with the flabbiness, the letter of han is a scholar right away, can you say that does he like to humiliate.
28. Though I at defeating you, Should I succeed, I will not humiliate you.
29. Obesity shows how abundance, through cheapness, variety, novelty, and choice, can make a mockery of the rational consumer, how it entices only in order to humiliate.
30. Our life, to know that warm and sweet, To do strong, trust and dignity. Do not decadent, emptiness and confusion, even look for reason to humiliate oneself, hurt yourself.
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