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Proportional in a sentence

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Synonym: graduatedrelativeSimilar words: proportionin proportion toportionconstitutional conventionnationalabortionprofessionalemotionalMeaning: [prə'pɔrʃnəl /-'pɔː-]  n. one of the quantities in a mathematical proportion. adj. 1. properly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by `to' 2. (of taxes) increasing as the amount taxed increases 3. having a constant ratio. 
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1. The punishment should be proportional to the crime.
2. The pay will be proportional to the time put in.
3. Loss of weight is directly proportional to the rate at which the disease is progressing.
4. The output should be proportional to the input.
5. Salary is proportional to years of experience.
6. Weight is proportional to size.
7. The fee charged by the realtor is directly proportional to the price of the property.
8. The amount of force needed is inversely proportional to the rigidity of the material.
9. The increase of wages is proportional to the rise in prices.
10. The speed of the glider is directly proportional to the speed of the wind.
11. The pay will be proportional to the amount of time put in.
12. Payment will be proportional to the amount of work done.
13. The number of teachers appointed is proportional to the total number of students.
14. The dwarf's long arms were not proportional to his height.
15. In proportional terms, this is itself a fine achievement.
16. Where T is the proportional corporate tax rate. 2.
17. The way any system works is inversely proportional to its security.
18. The amount we give is inversely proportional to the conspicuousness of the causes of his behavior.
19. The amount of food a child needs is roughly proportional to its size.
20. The size of the nebula at this stage is inversely proportional to its mass.
21. Their system seems to combine the two ideals of strong government and proportional representation.
22. The country had the lowest incidence of AIDS cases proportional to its population.
23. Does the combination of a presidential regime with a proportional electoral system signal the worst prospects for democratic longevity?
24. At the end of 1917 there was much parliamentary manoeuvring over proportional representation.
25. The rewards to the possessors are more or less proportional to the supply.
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26. The increase of confinement time with radius follows approximately a diffusion law-confinement time proportional to the square of the radius.
27. Like Friedman, Duesenberry believed that the basic consumption function was long-run and proportional, as illustrated in Fig. 7.
28. Those who wished to brew beer for their own household could use the abbey brewery - again upon a proportional payment.
29. It is elected for a five-year term by a system of proportional representation.
30. Elsewhere socialist parties have had to compete in multiparty and proportional electoral systems and usually share power in government.
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