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Dangle in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: droopflaphangsagswingSimilar words: angletanglejunglesinglebunglesingle outin dangerendangerMeaning: ['dæŋgl]  v. 1. hang freely 2. cause to dangle or hang freely. 
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1, Mary likes to dangle her men around her.
2, She hates the girl with the dangle bracelet too.
3, Daisy ring-pulls dangle from button-down white sun panels.
4, Chandeliers dangle over blackjack tables, the only break in the acoustic-tile ceiling.
5, Chains of polyps dangle from a float filled with gas.
6, So Scott Kamieniecki continues to dangle, waiting to find out if he will get to pitch in the postseason.
7, Dangle assorted objects from string near him, so he just has to reach forward slightly to hit them.
8, And, of course, there was baby Sam to dangle on his knee.
9, His attempts to dangle babies on his knee had proved disastrous.
10, I don't want to dangle from a chandelier.
11, Several young men dangle after the pretty girl.
12, Dangle , dangle, clusters of wisteria flowers.
13, At Christmas, we dangle colored lights around the room.
14, I showed her how to dangle.
15, She likes to dangle her men around her.
16, This is a hammock station. You can dangle to wait for the arrival of public transportation.
17, The babies ornament her ankles,[] dangle from her pant legs ( Carolyn Chute ).
18, Don't dangle the lights before me. It will do harm to my eyes.
19, The government should be able to dangle an insolvency law as an incentive to cooperate.
20, I can not dangle after her. she is so pretty girl that i was captivated by her. she is a fascinated girl.
21, Above them, tied to a thorn tree, faded red and white streamers dangle like the tattered carcasses of scrawny birds.
22, All along the route I pass old farmsteads surrounded by ancient sugar maple trees that dangle plastic milk containers.
23, If you have federal friends who are in the tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan, dangle this column under various noses.
24, We sat down on the roof of the catwalk and let our legs dangle.
25, Historically, Many plays referred to a poor young man who always had a dream to be in the money, and then, the dream came true and he tried his best to dangle after a beautiful woman.
26, If your foot is at a right angle to your outstretched leg and does not dangle, you have a low ankle-joint axis and will be more comfortable in flat shoes than in high heels.
27, Certainly we know what happened once he was assassinated: Reconstruction was administered punitively and then abandoned, leaving the issue of racial equality to dangle for another century.
28, Jessika laid her back flat against Mac's, letting her arms dangle at his sides.
29, It seems a trifle cruel to be sexually molesting a mollusc to allow a vain human to have something shiny to dangle from their ears.
30, That's an enticement the federal government shouldn't allow states to dangle before these women.
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