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Aggregation in a sentence

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Sentence count:164Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Synonym: accumulationassemblageassemblingcollectingcollectionSimilar words: aggregatenegationallegationabnegationrelegationdelegationcongregateaggressionMeaning: [‚ægrɪ'geɪʃn]  n. 1. several things grouped together or considered as a whole 2. the act of gathering something together. 
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1, the aggregation of a country's military aircraft.
2, Nevertheless, eating disorders do show a familial aggregation.
3, The aggregation can not be used sensibly as a predictor.
4, Aggregation results in mixed or compound Poisson distributions which can not be fitted by standard methods.
5, Spontaneous platelet aggregation Several studies have attempted to assess whether there is evidence of increased circulating platelet aggregates in diabetic subjects.
6, Studies of in vitro aggregation in diabetics date from the late sixties and early seventies.
7, Earth not only grew by aggregation from a cloud of particles, but by collisions with other cosmic matter.
8, This simplification is achieved through the aggregation of attainment target assessments into profile components, and into results on each subject.
9, Note that this aggregation applies whether or not the parent prepares consolidated financial statements.
10, Inhibitors of prostaglandins also inhibit the increased platelet aggregation, which is present in the early phases of migraine.
11, Interest aggregation is the transformation of all these political needs and wants into a smaller number of coherent alternatives. 6.
12, Some problems of aggregation remain for the relative deprivation perspective, but the examination of groups works well for the mobilization perspective.
13, I had been providing food to keep this aggregation here.
14, Therefore they need only be made at a higher level of aggregation and should highlight potential peaks and troughs.
15, The administration became the channel of political communication and interest aggregation in the absence of parties and politicians.
16, This makes any comparative analysis of data recorded at different times or using different aggregation units problematical.
17, Through their properties of adherence to vascular or foreign surfaces and their aggregation with other platelets they can initiate haemostasis.
18, However, this suggestion depends on the assumption that prostacyclin is continually produced by arterial wall to prevent platelet aggregation.
19, Biological activity of platelet activating factor was measured by platelet aggregation using a Chrono-log Corporation aggregometer.
20, The mechanisms by which platelet sticks to platelet during aggregation are not fully understood.
21, The L-arginine-NO system exerts various biological actions including vascular smooth muscle relaxation and inhibition of platelet aggregation.
22, Quite apart from questions of sample size and representativeness,[] this particular aggregation is wholly inappropriate.
23, A positive correlation was found between glycosylated haemoglobin concentration and the prostacyclin concentration necessary to inhibit ADP-induced platelet aggregation by 50 percent.
24, Thus diminution of prostacyclin production and stimulation of platelet aggregation both mediated by lipid peroxides could contribute to thrombosis on atheromatous plaques.
25, Consistent timing of sample preparation and assay helps to avoid errors due to aggregation and / or settling of particles.
26, Platelets were resuspended in washing buffer at appropriate concentrations for platelet aggregation measurement.
27, They are known to counteract both the vasoconstriction and the enhanced platelet aggregation present in the initial phase of migraine.
28, But hardships are part of war, and war is an aggregation of hardships.
29, These included the effects on the pass rate of different pass marks, and of different aggregation procedures.
30, The earliest finding is the platelet adhesion to collagen fibres followed by aggregation and formation of a platelet plug.
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