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Pressurise in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pressurizepressureair pressureacupressurepressure groupassuringreassuringreassuringlyMeaning: ['preʃəraɪz]  v. 1. increase the pressure on a gas or liquid 2. maintain a certain pressure 3. increase the pressure in or of. 
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1, No one should feel pressurised into slimming.
2, They pressurised me to stay.
3, Some suppliers' representatives are highly adept at pressurising junior staff into placing orders.
4, The cell can therefore be pressurised to study how materials behave under high pressure.
5, Moreover, surveyors are sometimes pressurised by the subcontractor to overpay, particularly when output has been restricted during adverse weather conditions.
6, It usually comes in disposable pressurised containers or cartridges, although larger stoves may use refillable containers.
7, The plant, an older-style, Soviet-designed pressurised water reactor(, has been plagued by problems for several years.
8, The more likely explanation is that she was pressurising him to leave your daughter to marry her.
9, There have even been attempts to pressurise Desmond Haynes, the island's sole representative, into joining the boycott.
10, Objectors at the Sizewell pressurised water reactor inquiry will make this very point.
11, Will the Government stop pressurising authorities to cease supporting small primary schools through additional support across the county?
12, Animals might mature faster: a pressurised poultry house, for example, could hurry chickens to earlier adulthood.
13, We have to pressurise and score at the start in order to control the game.
14, The team is in good form and can pressurise in attack. This has benefits; we have more chances to score when we pressurise and steal the ball in attack.
15, Using legal means to intimidate or pressurise companies in business negotiations at lower levels is not at all surprising; it happens quite a lot.
16, Electricity would be used to heat and pressurise argon gas that is then fed into one of the silos.
17, Enemies of nuclear energy will be emboldened to pressurise other governments, including our own,[] to follow the German lead.
18, He has spent four one-hour sessions in the hyperbaric therapy unit - a pressurised cabin into which pure oxygen is fed.
19, We didn't consummate the marriage for two weeks and only then because she was pressurised into it.
20, Silvikrin Pumping Spray acts like an aerosol but uses pressurised air to deliver a fine, concentrated spray.
21, Or pressure groups like the Baby Milk Action Group which, among other things, campaigns against women being pressurised into bottle-feeding.
22, It also had a smoking room, which was furnished with one electric light and pressurised to prevent hydrogen seeping in.
23, It would appear that the rocker cover is becoming pressurised and oil consumption is approximately one pint per 150-200 miles.
24, Some who had subsequent pregnancies had refused any kind of test, despite in some cases being aggressively pressurised by the hospital.
25, Moir, or her editors, or both, misjudged the speed and breadth of the real-time web and social media in their power to highlight and pressurise at speed and with force.
26, "It is rather irresponsible to claim the existence of an entity that has never really been proven and pressurise women — and men, too, " she said.
27, If that high-pressure waste stream is run through a turbine or rotor, energy can be recovered and used to pressurise the incoming seawater.
28, The precedent set by the FDA has been used to pressurise other countries into authorizing the adoption of GM crops for cultivation – or at least for import as food and feed.
29, Murdoch visited Blair three times personally in order to pressurise him on behalf of George Bush to support the Iraq invasion.
30, Their troubles began in the 1950s when they started flying higher and needed to pressurise the cabins of their passenger planes.
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