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Depress in a sentence

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Synonym: dejectdiscouragedisheartenlessenlowerraisereducesaddensinkweakenAntonym: encourageinspireSimilar words: depresseddepressionrepressrepressionfreedom of the pressdepreciatedeprecationdepreciationMeaning: [dɪ'pres]  v. 1. lower someone's spirits; make downhearted 2. lower (prices or markets) 3. cause to drop or sink 4. press down 5. lessen the activity or force of. 
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1. Does mass unemployment depress wages?
2. The rainy days always depress me.
3. Several factors combined to depress the American economy.
4. High interest rates may depress share prices.
5. Slowly depress the accelerator/brake pedal.
6. This drug helps depress high hormone levels.
7. to depress the clutch pedal .
8. High interest rates are continuing to depress the economy.
9. Runaway inflation will depress the economy.
10. A surplus of corn has helped depress the grain market/grain prices.
11. Depress the clutch fully.
12. It would really depress me if I did.
13. Dieting may also depress the metabolic rate, he says, making it easier to gain weight the next time around.
14. The aim in doing this is not to depress yourself but to be open to the possibility of self-improvement.
15. Normally rising interest rates will depress the price of gilts by making their fixed interest payments less attractive to investors.
16. That could depress prices over the next year, some analysts say.
17. They oppress, depress and divide the forces of possible resistance, and turn ordinary people against them.
18. The governor thinks higher taxes will depress the state's economy.
19. Also, an overdose of barbiturates can severely depress the central nervous system and lead to death.
20. This scurrying around like troglodytes is enough to depress anyone.
21. Depress the brake slowly.
22. Listening to the news can really depress you, if you let it.
23. They give the good speller a chance to use his skill, but may depress a poor speller.
24. Low inflation, competitive pressure and a continued focus on fiscal austerity depress projected raises, Hewitt says.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. Fierce price deflation, increased competition and rising costs have combined to depress profits.
26. The slightest change in the barometer, although it might be due to factors quite outside our control, would correspondingly depress them.
27. Arguably the increased demand to buy in the discount market would push up the price and depress the yield.
28. In addition, inhibitory links between competitors at the same level allow better scoring, more active nodes to depress any competitors.
29. Shaun decided to leave. The way the others were behaving was beginning to depress him.
30. Cheap timber from rainforests allowed it to undercut competitors, and so depress the global paper market.
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