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Hospitalization in a sentence

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Sentence count:112Posted:2017-01-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: naturalizationhospitalhospitableinhospitableorganizationpolarizationorganizationalrationalizeMeaning: [‚hɑspɪtələ'zeɪʃn /-laɪ'z-]  n. 1. a period of time when you are confined to a hospital 2. the condition of being treated as a patient in a hospital 3. insurance that pays all or part of a patient's hospital expense 4. placing in medical care in a hospital. 
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1. Cases of major burns require medical treatment and hospitalization.
2. Occa-sionally hospitalization is required to combat dehydration.
3. Further residential treatment after hospitalization may be indicated.
4. Hospitalization is necessary in severe cases.
5. Unfortunately, she occasionally relapses, requiring short-term hospitalization.
6. Would lawmakers mandate hospitalization for intractable nausea and vomiting during pregnancy?
7. She went four more years without hospitalization, but the stress of academic life came crashing down once again.
8. The doctor advised hospitalization for the child.
9. Method educate the patients during hospitalization and after discharge.
10. This year hospitalization insurance policy how?
11. Hospitalization has an advantage over home care.
12. Do you require medical, hospitalization and repatriation expenses cover?
13. An amenable hospitalization should not result in untimely death.
14. Admission day got straight linear correlation with hospitalization expenditure.
15. Results Hospitalization expense standard of 10 diseases are developed.
16. During the hospitalization, recurrent sepsis and candidiasis occurred.
17. Conclusion:The hospitalization fastigium of psychiatric correlated with season.
18. Results: The main factors affecting hospitalization expense include nosocomial infections, complications, type of payment, age and duration of hospitalization.
18. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
19. And they just said that I was really defensive; that was a character flaw, so I needed more hospitalization.
20. The typical AIDS patient comes into his office at least once a month, needing tests, treatments, even hospitalization.
21. The meeting took place in Manhattan a few weeks ago to bring attention to new medicines that are helping schizophrenics avoid hospitalization.
22. The following day his chest got considerably worse and this led to his hospitalization.
23. Naturally, the psychiatrist will turn to solutions that he or she identifies with and knows best-diagnosis, drugs and hospitalization.
24. Apparently, mental illness is one of the few diseases requiring hospitalization where those afflicted are released before they are cured.
25. Stewart had purchased a serviceable sleeping bag and managed quite well, but several mates suffered frostbite; some required hospitalization.
26. Conclusion The pivot in restraint of individual self-paid ratio and medical insurance fee increase in hospitalization is to repress the increase of average material fee.
27. Methods Clinical data of nine children with gastric teratoma were retrospectively analyzed in hospitalization from 1986 to 2002 period.
28. The goal of the present study was to determine the surgical and hospitalization costs, charges, and reimbursements for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis correction surgery at one institution.
29. According to the peasant workers'socialization, it is necessary to confirm their social insurance range, set up the hospitalization insurance and adopt the flexible methods to protect their legal ...
30. ResultsCSII and MSII are able to target blood glucose quickly, CSII standard time, a relatively small amount of insulin, hypoglycemia occurred in fewer, but more MSII high hospitalization costs.
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