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Extraneous in a sentence

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Sentence count:81Posted:2017-01-03Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: externalforeignimmaterialimpertinentorthogonaloutsideSimilar words: spontaneoussimultaneouslyinstantaneousextraerroneousextraordinaryextraterrestrialoutrageousMeaning: [ek'streɪnjəs]  adj. 1. not pertinent to the matter under consideration 2. not essential 3. not belonging to that in which it is contained; introduced from an outside source 4. coming from the outside. 
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(1) Coughs and extraneous noises can be edited out.
(2) Such details are extraneous to the matter in hand.
(3) We shall ignore factors extraneous to the problem.
(4) These questions are extraneous to the issue being discussed.
(5) We ought not to bring in extraneous matters in trying to find a basis for a settlement.
(6) We do not want any extraneous information on the page.
(7) Her report contains too many extraneous details.
(8) Without foreign or extraneous admixture; free from anything not properly pertaining to it; homogeneous, unalloyed.
(9) For example, extraneous voiceless stops are often hypothesized at utterance onset.
(10) This time, extraneous variables that might affect worker productivity would be tightly controlled.
(11) Funding will depend on the sale of extraneous plots for other developments(, not an easy matter in the current climate.
(12) He knows a plethora of extraneous facts about the arctic and the tropics.
(13) Several other insects attach extraneous objects or material to themselves, but for very different reasons.
(14) Judges already have substantial latitude to limit extraneous arguments that might mislead jurors; they could use it more often.
(15) Higher level tasks could involve using extraneous knowledge to reach conclusions.
(16) There is no extraneous information to interfere with the layout.
(17) Wiping his mind clean of all extraneous thoughts, he concentrated on his reveries.
(18) Risk of Breakage is classified under extraneous risks.
(19) I can choose to ignore these extraneous thoughts.
(20) An extraneous element is being introduced into the case.
(21) Simple websites don't have extraneous information.
(22) His account of the fire accident includes a lot of extraneous details.
(23) Noisy Environments: speech recognition is made difficult if interference is created by noisy machinery or extraneous conversations.
(24) Equally important is the last sentence of the clause which excludes prior representations and extraneous material, such as sales catalogues.
(25) It did not want to undermine trust or uncover extraneous information that might damage agents' careers.
(26) Not only would this save costs, but coughs and extraneous noises could be edited out.
(27) Great care must be taken to ensure that solutions are clean and free of extraneous matter.
(28) A member is entitled to a judgment that is free from any extraneous or ulterior motive.
(29) Essentially, the classic experimental design involves controlling all factors extraneous to the hypothesis of interest in order that this can be tested.
(30) I went through the gear very quickly, throwing what I thought was extraneous into a large suitcase.
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