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Quasi in a sentence

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Sentence count:137Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: squashedpersuasivepersuasivelyas ifas isAsianasidebasinMeaning: ['kweɪzaɪ ,saɪ /'kwɑːzɪ]  adj. having some resemblance. 
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1, Each of the Houses discharges a quasi judicial function in relation to the regulation of its own affairs.
2, But a quasi guru, given he refused to accept any such role.
3, The air flow was regarded as quasi - laminar.
4, Even now quasi - theocracy dies hard.
5, The reasons why quasi velocity spectrum is not appropriate for calculating blasting vibration are demonstrated.
6, The compact submanifolds in quasi constant curvature Riemannian manifolds with Parallel Mean Curature Vector were studied.
7, Like the states, the federal government has a quasi - property interest in navigable waters.
8, Quasi XMODEM protocol for less amount data transmission put forward by the author is explained.
9, Quasi - keyhole arc welding process is a typical nonlinear system.
10, Contrast experiments of traditional and quasi homocentric pressure tank structures have been done.
11, The dynamic mechanical behaviors of cement mortar under quasi one and one dimensional strain states are studied by using an improved passive confining SHPB method and one stage gas gun respectively.
12, Then-dimensional umbilical submanifolds in a Riemannian manifold of quasi constant curvature are discussed. Two theorems on the above submanifolds are obtained.
13, The quasi multiple medium (QMM), based on the direct boundary element method, is a fast algorithm for parasitic capacitance extraction.
14, The Quasi - Conforming Element ( QCE ) technique is introduced of constructing penalty finite element of Navier - Stokes Problem.
15, The dot product imprinted burliness, overprinter quasi - three , restore, see double streak - free.
16, Using quasi birth and death chain,[] we obtain the distribution of the number of customers in the system and the waiting time of a customer and the loss probability in the stationary state.
17, Stax got $ 6 million up front as a quasi loan / advance and retained creative autonomy.
18, Aim To establish a generalized model of rough set theory based on quasi order relation.
19, An apparatus for measurement on vapor pressures of multicomponent system was constructed using an inclined ebulliometer with a pump like stirrer according to the principle of quasi static method.
20, Punished but hardly chastened, Mr.Guan keeps his American-made Robinson copter in a quasi hangar at his yacht club, on the banks of the milky Ou River some 30 minutes from downtown Wenzhou.
21, The dynamic stress strain curves are similar to those obtained in the experiments of quasi static compression and can also be divided into the elastic region, yielding region and densification region.
22, These modes have obviously oscillations in temporal domain, in which the foreshore mode has mainly quasi period about 4 days, while the quasi period for the beach berm mode is 2 8 days.
23, Among them, restitution of property is based on the right of real claim; compensation for the loss, on the other hand, is based on the claiming right coming from the obligation of quasi contract .
24, A non - unitary non - coherent space - time code is proposed based on full diversity quasi - orthogonal space - time block code.
25, This paper will introduce and recount more completely the concepts and some properties of quasi-concave function, the relation between quasi -concave and concave function.
26, Furthermore, calculation is carried out to underground structures on explosion load by quasi - static load method.
27, The obligation of safety insurance which is based on the quasi contract relation is originated from the avoidance of fault in contracting the treaty and the contract protecting the third party .
28, The author has come to a different conclusion based on historic fact that it is a quasi legislative assembly body in Russia, which builds up the framework of legislative Duma afterwards.
29, Let(X, T) be a separated topological vector space, B be a closed bounded convex set. T drop property and quasi T drop property of set B is introduced.
30, This module uses a circuit topology of forward pulse width modulated - zero current quasi - resonance soft - switching , combined with active clamp technology.
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