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Planet in a sentence

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Synonym: major planetsatelliteSimilar words: planetariumairplanelaneplanplantplannerplanningexplanationMeaning: ['plænɪt]  n. 1. (astronomy) any of the nine large celestial bodies in the solar system that revolve around the sun and shine by reflected light; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in order of their proximity to the sun; viewed from the constellation Hercules, all the planets rotate around the sun in a counterclockwise direction 2. a person who follows or serves another 3. any celestial body (other than comets or satellites) that revolves around a star. 
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(1) Pluto is the farthest planet in the solar system.
(2) They launched a rocket to the planet Venus.
(3) He looked like something from another planet!
(4) The name Vulcan was given to the undiscovered planet.
(5) The planet Venus is enshrouded in thick clouds.
(6) Early astronomers thought that our planet was the centre of the universe.
(7) How long does it take for the planet Jupiter to make a complete revolution around the sun?
(8) The planet Jupiter radiates twice as much heat from inside as it receives from the Sun.
(9) Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet because of its distinctive colour.
(10) The planet Jupiter may have no solid surface at all.
(11) We live on a complex planet.
(12) These weapons are capable of destroying the entire planet.
(13) They claimed to have discovered a new planet.
(14) Pluto is the furthest planet from the sun.
(15) Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.
(16) Scientists are studying photographs of the planet for signs of life.
(17) Perturbations in the orbit of the planet Uranus led to the discovery of Neptune in 1846.
(18) He posited that each planet moved in a perfect circle.
(19) The total number of species on the planet appears to be growing by leaps and bounds.
(20) This planet on which we all live should be cherished and not exploited.
(21) The planet Pluto is comparable in size to the moon.
(22) It's our duty to preserve the planet for future generations.
(23) My flower is ephemeral, and she has only four thorns to defend herself against the world. And I have left on my planet[Sentence dictionary](, all alone!
(24) How do you distinguish between a star and a planet?
(25) Death s inevitable.It's a promise made to each of us at birth.But before that promise is kept,we all hope something will happen to us,whether it is the thrill of romance,the joy of raising a family,or the anguish of great loss.We all hope to experience something that make our lives meaningful,but the sad fact is,not all lives have meaning.Some people spend their time on this planet just sitting on the sidelines,waiting for something to happen to them,before it's too late.
(26) The blue whale is the largest living thing on the planet.
(27) And although she was probably just an ordinary-looking kid, in my eyes she was the most beautiful child on the face of the planet.
(28) Greenpeace works to promote awareness of the dangers that threaten our planet today.
(29) They have got to be the worst band on the planet.
(30) It strained credulity to believe that a nuclear war would not lead to the destruction of the planet.
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