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Pass over in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2017-01-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: covercrosscut acrosscut throughget acrossget overjumpmove throughoverflypass acrosspass throughskipskip overtracktransittraversewipeSimilar words: pass offpass onpass outsovereigntyover and overpasspassepass awayMeaning: v. 1. make a passage or journey from one place to another 2. bypass 3. travel across or pass over 4. fly over 5. rub with a circular motion. 
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1 The new freeway will pass over the lake.
2 You'd better pass over his rude remarks in silence.
3 I can't pass over this problem unnoticed.
4 I want to pass over this quite quickly.
5 Let us pass over his rude remarks in silence.
6 We took the high pass over the ridge.
7 They chose to pass over her rude remarks.
8 Vapors pass over from a retort into a receiver.
9 I think we'd better pass over that last remark.
10 Sex is a subject he prefers to pass over in conversation.
11 I said it was nothing; it would pass over.
12 Pass over a broken wall and turn sharp right.
13 Cinzia I pass over in silence.
14 Over one million tonnes of agricultural related products pass over the quays in Belfast each year.
15 Its concern with celebrating femininity encourages it to pass over more of traditional psychology's gender biases than egalitarian feminist psychology does.
16 The unremitting four-mile ascent to the high pass over the ridge reduced me to a walking wet rag.
17 The module will pass over several of the moon's permanently shadowed craters.
18 When legs did not serve to pass over a sea,( floating craft supported them.
19 Have you ever seen an ocean wave pass over a submerged reef?
20 The image of the insect may pass over the edge of my retina rather than the more acute central region.
21 I could see various expressions pass over the faces of the waiting constabulary.
22 As the last chapter argued, many feminist psychologists pass over signification, in favour of simpler objects.
23 To pass over other objections, the Letter is far too long for such a purpose.
24 The boss decided to pass over his slight mistakes.
25 Vapors pass over from a retort into receiver.
26 You may pass over the details.
27 We may as well pass over the details.
28 How could you pass over such an important matter?
29 Numerous persons with only a few Negroid traits annually pass over and are ab-sorbed into the dominant Caucasoid population.
30 Specialists in the field will be familiar with much of the material reviewed here and may wish to pass over it quickly.
More similar words: pass offpass onpass outsovereigntyover and overpasspassepass awaypassedpass bypassagepassivepassionas soon asthe mass ofencompasspassportassociatepassengerassociatedassociationpass throughas soon as possibleovercoverloveroverallall overbe overoversee
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