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Obviating in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-03-31Updated:2017-03-31
Similar words: obviateingratiatinginfuriatingexcruciatingobviousobviouslyingratiateratingMeaning: ['ɑbvɪeɪt /'ɒb-]  adj. made impossible. 
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1 The new treatment obviates the need for surgery.
2 A peaceful solution would obviate the need to send a UN military force.
3 The new road obviates the need to drive through the town.
4 Disaster was obviated by the opening of the reserve parachute.
5 This new evidence obviates the need for any further enquiries.
6 The use of a solicitor trained as a mediator would obviate the need for independent legal advice.
7 The settlement, which concluded four months of negotiations, obviated the need for the separate cases to be heard in court.
8 In many instances this is too late to obviate desertification and soil erosion.
9 And surely enough, the difficulties he had been experiencing with reality were in time obviated.
10 Instead, data are provided directly and more timely to obviate this need.
11 There are those who argue that the signs of a recovery obviate any additional action by the administration to boost the economy.
12 But such divine activity does not obviate the urgent need for witness.
13 The newly established Legations protested and the introduction of the fast-growing eucalyptus obviated the necessity.
14 That violence was unacceptable obviated the need to search for a sufficient cause.
15 They rolled up and down perfectly and their presence obviated the need for curtains.
16 He also expressed optimism that an acceptable constitutional arrangement could be agreed which would obviate the need for Quebec to seek independence.
17 By asking about the everyday tasks of parenting the schedules obviate the need for time-consuming psychometric testing.
18 My equipment can be set at a frequency to emit sound waves that will obviate that effect.
19 A list made beforehand and ticked off should obviate the necessity for this though.
20 The length of the day can obviate much of the good accomplished in day care for both the sufferer and the carer.
21 This paper probes into the three easily confusedaspects as well as the methods of obviating interference and distinguishing musical structure.
22 Schumpeter predicted that as capitalist economies evolved, innovation would become routinized in large organizations,( obviating the need for individual entrepreneurs.
23 The method is similar to light or optical aggregometry except that it can be done in whole blood, thus obviating the need for preparation of a platelet suspension.
24 Student bars, sports facilities, halls, student shops, libraries and lecture halls, etc. , are all together on one large site, thus obviating the need for students ever to leave the university.
25 Objective To evaluate the cause of postoperative hemorrhage of breast, to summarize the clinical manifestations and the obviating methods.
26 Malfunction diagnoses for the diesel engine fuel system are introduced and given some typical obviating methods.
27 That is unusual; normally you define type information with a DTD or an XML Schema in a separate file, obviating the need to repeat this information for every tag on every request.
28 Cutting taxes and distribute SoE shares among Chinese population would roughly eliminate China's trade surplus, obviating the need to buy dollar assets.
29 The treaty's implementation relied on a hope that its terms would become self-fulfilling, obviating the need for real enforcement.
30 Objective To observe the curative effect of heavy - oxygen - enriched water ( HOEW ) on obviating acute high altitude reaction.
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