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Oscillating in a sentence

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Sentence count:110+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-26Updated:2017-03-26
Similar words: oscillatevacillatingscintillatingvacillationvacillatedistillationfascinatingstimulatingMeaning: ['ɑsɪleɪtɪŋ /'ɒs-]  adj. having periodic vibrations. 
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1. The stock market is oscillating wildly at the moment.
2. The pointer is still oscillating.
3. The trade balance, after oscillating between surplus and deficit in the 1970s, has stuck obstinately in the red since 1981.
4. This produces a strain oscillating with the same frequency as, but out of phase with, the stress.
5. Thus oscillating neutrinos must have mass; but massive neutrinos need not oscillate.
6. I kept oscillating from too far forward to too far back.
7. Ah, yes: Maxwell showed that oscillating an electric charge is just the mechanism that causes light waves to be produced.
8. This implies an oscillating financial performance for the industry as a whole.
9. The cross is meant to be imagined as oscillating backwards and forwards.
10. These devices work on the principle that the oscillating frequency of a crystal under an applied voltage changes with crystal mass.
11. The oscillating screen moves in a circular motion.
12. Waves are related to oscillating systems.
13. The figures have been oscillating about an average.
14. The relationship of cam with oscillating follower′s pressure angle and Basic dimensions were analyzed. an developing graphical design method precise soluting The cams basic dimensions was mentioned.
15. The stall and oscillating flow of wind turbine blade using the "Parametric Polynomial Method"are researched in this paper.
16. The sediment incipience in homogenous turbulence generated by oscillating grids is studied in this paper.
17. I use a small oscillating fan to keep air moving and have not had a problem with such diseases.
18. At present,[] the RC phase shift oscillating still has great importance in some electronic equipments whose oscillation frequency is formed but not having high expectations for ware.
19. Based on the analysis of torch oscillating, a new welding oscillator which control core is DSP and which main operator is ball screw pair is designed.
20. I checked to see if the needle indicating volume was oscillating.
21. It is important to realize that not all molecular vibrations lead to oscillating dipoles.
22. The three environments were there all the time, just oscillating backwards and forwards a little in relation to uplift inland.
23. In order to improve the soybean quality and seed purity, investigations. on the oscillating separate properties and the relative parameters of soybean and cocklebur are carried out in this paper.
24. The unsteady flow field near the leading edge of an oscillating sweptback wing is obtained by using 3-D subsonic lifting surface theory.
25. The probe of the eccentricity sensor is designed. The problems such as power supply needed by oscillating circuit and signal transmission from rotary part to stationary part are solved.
26. With a super regenerative receiver, this causes problems in that while close coupling improves sensitivity, it can cause the receiver to stop oscillating over part of the band.
27. A capacitive proximity switch works with a high frequency oscillating circuit that creates an electromagnetic field on the active sensor surface by means of a capacitor.
28. The position is not detected via a positioning magnet but via an inductive oscillating circuit.
29. In wireless communication system, there is a large frequency bias between carrier frequency and local oscillating frequency. AFC is contributed to eliminate it.
30. The utility model relates to a non-contact electronic flash light for vehicles, which is composed of a pulse oscillating circuit, a switching circuit, a temperature automatic protection circuit.
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