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Placating in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-10-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: placateelectroplatingimplacableratingcreatingoperatingfascinatingdevastatingMeaning: [pleɪ'keɪt /plə'keɪt]  adj. tending or intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions. 
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1. He never attempts to placate his enemy.
2. He smiled, trying to placate me.
3. Outraged minority groups will not be placated by promises of future improvements.
4. These changes did little to placate the unions.
5. The concessions did little to placate the students.
6. His intent is clearly not to placate his critics.
7. Even a written apology failed to placate the indignant hostess.
8. I tried to placate her by offering to pay for the repairs.
9. Now Labour's support is falling(, and the government is trying desperately to placate its business enemies.
10. Instead, it fired her outright, hoping thereby to placate the students and thus bring the whole matter to a close.
11. In the meantime, having placated conservative critics, the Bush administration is waiting.
12. He used laughter as a way of placating persecution in advance.
13. Her appointment was a way of placating western governments which would not deal with Karadzic.
14. Deaver began suggesting ways to soften the impact by adding new events to the itinerary that might placate the opposition.
15. Similar plans to placate Western donors are often behind the establishment of rights commissions, it said.
16. A series of meetings are planned to placate big institutional investors.sentence dictionary
17. The noise control law could placate airport neighbors, who oppose growth because of the noise.
18. And so Labour went into the election on a fudged policy designed more to placate Roy Hattersley than to win over voters.
19. Chrysler doubles to $ 2 billion its stockbuyback plan to placate Kerkorian.
20. Her brooding sense of unease wouldn't be placated by his explanation.
21. Placating protesting workers may help calm a tense situation.
22. Chuehhui wondered whether his new methods of placating everyone would be any more successful.
23. She pulled her face into a placating and childlike expression.
24. "I didn't mean to upset you," Agnew said in a placating voice.
25. It was a gesture without any wider significance, she knew that; she was exorcising and placating no one but herself.
26. Uncle Peter's voice came as from a far distance , plaintive, placating.
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