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Misconstrue in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2017-02-14
Synonym: be amissmisapprehendmisconceivemisinterpretmisunderstandSimilar words: construeconstructconstructiveconstructingconstructionreconstructionreconstruction periodmisconceiveMeaning: v. interpret in the wrong way. 
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1. She said Harris had misconstrued her comments.
2. Their caution was misconstrued as cowardice.
3. You have misconstrued my words.
4. His behaviour could easily be misconstrued.
5. You have completely misconstrued what I said.
6. He deliberately misconstrued everything I said.
7. It is easy to misconstrue confidence as arrogance.
8. You have completely misconstrued me/my words/what I said.
9. An outsider might misconstrue the nature of the relationship.
10. I wouldn't want it to be misconstrued.
11. When your overtures are misconstrued, the prudent course is sometimes to apologise and withdraw.
12. It couldn t possibly be misconstrued as a cry for help.
13. Don't misconstrue what I am about to say...
14. You misconstrue his statement. I don't think the statements on rural illiteracy are true anymore. The statistics he cites are from the 50's and 60's.
15. Do not misconstrue it as an effort to exert force or pressure.
16. When mentioned,( it's often to misconstrue the word as meaning "blind obedience to parents" and then to proceed to criticize it.
17. But Larry Crag says his action is for misconstrue, saying he should not have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges involving lewd conduct in the man's room.
18. The inherited mythology is garbled, and its guiding value lost or misconstrued.
19. You had a preconceived notion that our neighborhood had problems with diversity and therefore misconstrued comments to fit an agenda.
20. But he insisted that some of his official acts have been deliberately misconstrued and deeply misunderstood.
21. They knew, from day one, the possibility of causing offence and that their case would be misconstrued in the media.
22. Perversely, the sight set me to wondering if I had written anything that could be misconstrued.
23. So autumn is a blatantly vital season, contrary to the allegations of sorrowful poets who misconstrue the message of dying leaves.
24. It is called 'bullwhip effect' that the enterprises in the supply chain misconstrue the demand information[], which results in the upwards-magnifying phenomenon according to the levels.
25. Any discussion of weight and breast cancer is a politically sensitive topic, for some may misconstrue that as the medical establishment blaming victims for getting breast cancer.
26. Mostly because they failed to work through what Seth Godin identifies as "The Dip" and proceed to misconstrue community values and attitudes.
27. To formulate laws based on a static concept of time, such as 'balance of nature, ' is to misconstrue the essence of the process.
28. You can put out a 'scientific' study that's hard to understand and easy to misconstrue.
29. Yet many leaders fail to motivate people to achieve results because those leaders misconstrue the concept and applications of motivation .
30. A lasting source of happiness. Unfortunately, I believe that happiness evades many because they misconstrue the process.
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