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Constraint in a sentence

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Synonym: restraintSimilar words: strainconstructdemonstratedemonstrationconstructionconstructingby traintrainerMeaning: [-nt]  n. 1. the state of being physically constrained 2. a device that retards something's motion 3. the act of constraining; the threat or use of force to control the thoughts or behavior of others. 
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1) He felt constraint in her presence.
2) I felt free to speak to her without constraint.
3) Magistrates are under a constraint not to send young people to prison.
4) The children showed a little constraint in the presence of the new teacher.
5) At last we could relax and talk without constraint.
6) I was aware of a certain constraint on their part when they were in my presence.
7) She tried to appear friendly,( but her constraint was obvious.
8) They confessed, but only under severe constraint.
9) A similar constraint is visible in the monetary growth rates of all the advanced industrial countries.
10) This constraint would effectively limit the amount of vehicles that a firm could service. 2.
11) These structural problems will act as a major constraint on any potential recovery in the housing market.
12) The Phillips curve was regarded as an inescapable constraint on policy action which the authorities could only ignore at their peril.
13) However, if the additional constraint is binding, the median voter would no longer be able to choose E 1.
14) Perhaps the main constraint is lack of money.
15) Constraint stung his skin like a wave of hornets.
16) This means we can add the constraint without affecting the optimal solution.
17) All this imposes a powerful constraint on language acquisition from the allegedly scanty data available to any child.
18) The government budget constraint is so that we must have or.
19) This constraint would be formidable enough without the second challenge of having assumed office presented with a fait accompli.
20) There is a further constraint in that the Ministry of Defence will keep a watchful eye on any potential partner or owner.
21) The consequences of changes in the budget constraint for hours of work again become generally unpredictable apriori.
22) This imposed an extra constraint on the larger vessels.
23) The only constraint on writer input was that some care was taken over legibility.
24) These forces can be grouped into four major categories: political considerations, socio-demographic factors, economic change and financial constraint.
25) But farmers in Speyside, which was liable to flooding, saw the type of land as a likely constraint.
26) Equally clearly, in these circumstances the quantity of will be a constraint upon.
27) It may be the case, as McClelland argues that this type of constraint requires a certain type of architecture.
28) These areas of conduct have become more subject to self-constraint and less subject to external constraint.
29) She was already twenty-one and their self-imposed tests of constraint were severely strained.
30) The economic climate in higher education is also a constraint, says George Steele.
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