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Malleable in a sentence

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Synonym: adaptablechangeableelasticflexibleplasticpliantsuppleyieldingAntonym: refractorySimilar words: be able toagreeablechangeableimpermeableunchangeabletableaucolleagueableMeaning: ['mælɪəbl]  adj. 1. easily influenced 2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out. 
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1. She was young enough to be malleable.
2. Lead and tin are malleable metals.
3. He had an actor's typically malleable features.
4. Silver is the most malleable of all metals.
5. The young are more malleable than the old.
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6. You need a malleable pillow that will mould to the curves of your neck.
7. Many metals are malleable and ductile.
8. Nature is not inflexible but malleable.
9. Apparently, this made the conker more malleable, allowing it to absorb the impact of my prize pickled nut.
10. A malleable metal can be beaten into a sheet whereas a ductile metal can be drawn out into a wire.
11. Larger more comfortable malleable iron handwheel for easier operation.
12. The chain guide is malleable iron.
13. By turning clothing into white porcelain malleable forms are fossilised into permanent , yet fragile, objects.
14. The annealing process of malleable cast iron was improved by controlling the melting process.
15. But truth a delicate and malleable thing : Is Luke Skywalker a freedom fighter or a terrorist?
16. Europe saw its colonies as a source of raw material and a malleable workforce.
17. Are early experiences of special significance just because they are early,( and is the child more malleable at that time?
18. Instead, they designated Tran Trong Kim, a mild and malleable professor.
19. Labor activists say that although there are no legal age cutoffs, the industries prefer to hire young and malleable workers.
20. At this time of year, when the garden still is a malleable dream, we must nevertheless consider practical realities.
21. Wrought Iron Iron possessing a very low carbon content, which makes it tough and malleable.
22. While the synapse is only an inefficient chemical middleman in what are otherwise efficient electrical processes, it is a malleable middleman.
23. The living turtles are placed on burning coals and heated until their top and bottom shells become malleable enough to rip off.
24. The hull contained a mass of dissimilar metals: steel, cast and malleable iron, brass. bronze and lead.
25. In spite of the responsibility implied by my job, I was ignorant and malleable when I advised my first customers.
26. The fact that the date line was not drawn straight has led some to conclude that it is further malleable.
27. Are you the egg, which starts off with a malleable 18 heart?
28. Cadmium is a lustrous, silver - white, ductile, very malleable metal.
29. All these delicate small spare parts are cast from malleable iron.
30. Stems shall be of dezincification-resistant silicon bronze ASTM B 371 or low-zinc alloy B 99, non-asbestos packing and malleable or ductile iron handwheel.
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