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Adorable in a sentence

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Synonym: endearinglovelySimilar words: favorablebearablecomparablepreferablevulnerableconsiderableambassadorconsiderablyMeaning: [ə'dɔːrəbl]  adj. lovable especially in a childlike or naive way. 
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1 Your smile looks adorable. You should wear it more often.
2 He is adorable for his devotion to science.
3 What an adorable child!
4 Oh what an adorable little baby!
5 She has the most adorable two-year-old girl.
6 I approached some adorable creature in a belly shirt with a pierced tongue.
7 Often, a nurse was there, alone, in adorable vigil.
8 Your dress is absolutely adorable.
9 She was not holding the adorable, fat baby with the ashen curls.
10 My darling, you are adorable.
11 The calves were really adorable.
12 "How adorable!" she trills.
13 Also,( he was advised by a witty and adorable cricket named Jiminy.
14 We have three adorable children.
15 What an adorable baby!
16 James, a chocolate-brown pointer mix, turned from adorable pet to problem child in a matter of weeks.
17 Across the bridge of her nose ran an adorable little line of freckles.
18 Lemurs are adorable monkey-like animals that live only in Madagascar, with a few species on the nearby Comoros islands.
19 McGregor and Diaz, on the other hand, are notable primarily for being adorable.
20 I was there till I was eighteen: marriage would be fun; husbands were adorable creatures.
21 I am 20 years old with a one-year-old who is adorable, but a real tearaway.
22 Her friends ridiculed her, seeing for the first time how the balance in their relationship had shifted in favour of adorable Diana.
23 Drank five margaritas and waxed poetic about my screenplay to some adorable creature.
24 We eventually found the cat in the wardrobe, surrounded by six adorable kittens.
25 Have you seen their new baby - she's simply adorable!
26 Of course, this also means Dunston, played by an adorable and talented ape named Sam, gets all the laughs.
27 BTheodora once again is broke, and panhandling with an adorable kid like Tamika always works better than going it alone.
28 Anyway I must say that Arnold was so shy, it was adorable.
29 " I like your dress, " remarked Mrs. McKee, " I think it's adorable. "
30 You can scratch its ears, snuggle, and teach the little guy to jump and play dead. Adorable?
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