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Legal tender in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: tendertenderlycontenderlegallegallyillegallegal principlelegal guardianMeaning: n. something used as an official medium of payment. 
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1. The old pound note is no longer legal tender.
2. These coins are no longer legal tender.
3. It was not legal tender but traded at a free price against the rouble, and was informally linked to gold.
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4. His followers made it a legal tender at the stores for everything they wanted.
5. The Romania"s legal tender is the leu.
6. Money Legal tender issued by a government.
7. Is the dollar bill still legal tender?
8. A check is not legal tender.
9. Yes, a bank note is legal tender.
10. These notes are not legal tender any more.
11. U.S. currency is legal tender.
12. On this day the EURO became legal tender.
13. Money is legal tender issued by a government,( including paper currency and coin.
14. Article 15 The legal tender of The People's Republic of China is the Reminbi ( RMB ).
15. S. dollar legal tender status, a technique known as dollarization.
16. Federal Reserve Note , This note legal tender for all debts, public and private.
17. Are copper coins legal tender for a sum in excess of 10 pounds?
18. Checks serve as money, although they are not legal tender.
19. Fifty pounds is legal tender for amounts up to 10.
20. Then in 1935, China began to implement a legal tender policy and the silver standard system was abandoned.
21. In Maastricht, Dutch Guilders, Deutschmarks and Belgian Francs are all considered legal tender.
22. But they are the old-style notes without silver strips although legal tender could arouse suspicion.
23. The same is true in cases where coins have ceased to be legal tender because of a change of political regime.
24. Interest rates would then rise as the central bank increased its discount rate to discourage borrowing and the demands for legal tender.
25. Not only that; since the U.S. abandonment of the gold standard in 1933, Federal Reserve Notes have been legal tender for all monetary debts, public or private.
26. After the union between North and South Yemen in 1990 both the northern rial and the southern dinar remained legal tender.
27. But at the same time, under the law... and the laws says that the Federal Reserve notes are legal tender and everybody has to obey all he laws doing it, because a Federal Reserve note is a dollar.
28. Granted such immunity from falls in the price of silver, the coin would become legal tender money and could be used for any commercial transaction.
29. The Fed is in the rare and enviable position of having its liabilities in the form of Federal Reserve Notes constitute the legal tender of the country.
30. I authorize you to coin your own money, as legal tender in your country.
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