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Attributive in a sentence

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Sentence count:46+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-19Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: predicativeSimilar words: attributecontributioncontributingdistributionattractivedistributecontributecontributorMeaning: [-tɪv]  adj. of adjectives; placed before the nouns they modify. 
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(1) Relative pronouns and adverbs introduce attributive clauses.
(2) An attributive noun functions as an adjective.
(3) Attributive adjectives precede the noun.
(4) When a quotation is followed by an attributive phrase, the comma is placed within the quotation marks.
(5) When a quotation is followed by an attributive phrase, the comma is enclosed within the quotation marks.
(6) Then join the two sentences using the Attributive Clause.
(7) What are attributive adjectives and predicative adjectives?
(8) Please find out the attributive clause in the passage.
(9) Materialism and idealism are different forms of attributive monism.
(10) Black in black cat is an attributive.
(11) Let's analyse these attributive clauses now.
(12) This sentence is an attributive clause.
(13) In Chinese and Japanese(, some attributive clause and headword structures are considered to have ambiguity.
(14) Usually for a declarative sentence: the subject (S) precedes the predicate and the verb (V) precedes the object (O); the modifier (attributive and adverbial) precedes the central words.
(15) Own innovation has intense sex , attributive sex , for my sex and sex.
(16) Match and combine them into sentences using the attributive clause.
(17) Finally, we illustrated the expression role of body attributive semantic research.
(18) An attributive clause is a clause that modifies a noun an adjective or prepositional phrase does.
(19) English and Chinese postpositive attributive differs not only in types, but also in forms, so it's very difficult to compare their systems.
(20) In 'a sudden movement', 'sudden' is an adjective in the attributive position.
(21) In 'the television aerial', 'television' is a noun used in an attributive way.
(22) In 'the blue sky' and 'a family business', 'blue' and 'family' are attributive.
(23) Third, it is noteworthy that the question appropriate to predicate qualifying position is different from that for the postnominal attributive adjectives.
(24) Parallel to the division of adjunct, we may divide sub-clauses into attributive clauses, predicative clauses and adverbial clauses.
(25) This part also analyzes the syntax units used as English and Chinese postpositive attributive, and gives a general classification.
(26) Compare the two sentences and find the differences between the attributive clause and the appositive clause.
(27) The grammatical function of these words and phrases is generally adverbial, sometimes is predicate or attributive, but not subject and object.
(28) The form of ellipsis includes compound noun, parallel structure, attributive clause, adverbial clause, parentheses, non-finite forms of the verb and transformation of sentences.
(29) Therefore, the difficulty of studying the verb tense in attributive clause has relevance to tense system.
(30) Step 4 : Ask the students to summary the rules of the past participle used as attributive.
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