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Alternatively in a sentence

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Sentence count:160Posted:2016-11-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: alternativecreativelyrelativelyconsternationinternationaltentativelyactivelypositivelyMeaning: [-nətɪvlɪ]  adv. in place of, or as an alternative to. 
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1. We could go to the Indian restaurant, or alternatively, we could try that new Italian place.
2. You could, alternatively, hang onto it in the hope that it will be worth millions in 10 years time.
3. The agency will make travel arrangements for you. Alternatively, you can organize your own transport.
4. You can relax on the beach or alternatively try the bustling town centre.
5. We could take the train or alternatively go by car.
6. Alternatively, manufacturers have recently produced a colour changer.
7. Alternatively, electron beam machines are used.
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8. Alternatively, the balance conditions of the Hay bridge can be derived to allow L and R to be calculated.
9. Alternatively, instruments can be sent and returned by carrier if you live too far away to visit personally.
10. Alternatively, an apparent readiness to change may conceal an intention to resist in concerted action with others.
11. Alternatively it could have developed as another example of a prey-killing poison that has been secondarily used against attackers.
12. Alternatively, roast in preheated oven for 7 to 9 minutes or place under broiler for 3 to 4 minutes per side.
13. Alternatively, it can be taken in tablet or capsule form.
14. Alternatively pick up a pen and a piece of paper and compose your own speech immediately after reading all these for inspiration.
15. Alternatively, departments have an allocation, while the library retains a generous contingency fund.
16. Alternatively, you could fill the basket with his favourite foods or toiletries.
17. Alternatively, a more fuel efficient carb fitted with your present engine may help.
18. Alternatively, arrays of solar cells may be made on the Moon out of lunar materials and only the power exported.
19. Alternatively you can feed the elastic through the carriage from the floor.
20. Alternatively, a polymer solution can be thought of as a system formed by the condensation of solvent into a polymer.
21. Alternatively, you can make your own by filling two plastic bottles with water or sand or use cans of beans.
22. Alternatively for the man who prefers to dry shave, the latest in electric shavers comes from brand leaders Phillips.
23. Alternatively double click anywhere on the desktop to evoke the TaskManager and select the 1-2-3 task and click on the terminate button.
24. Also, effects require or alternatively require other conditions as well as causes.
25. Alternatively, general categories or headings are established and topics listed under these headings.
26. Alternatively, the documentation would be signed by both parties abroad, or by concluding all negotiations by telex.
27. Alternatively, the collective good is seen as paramount, and individual freedom must be constrained to achieve that collective good.
28. Alternatively or in addition he may be co-opted on to other public bodies, such as hospital authorities, water authorities, etc.
29. Alternatively, look in the food cupboard for a suitable plastic container.
30. Allow about eight hours for the drive from Calais. Alternatively, you can fly to Brive.
More similar words: alternativecreativelyrelativelyconsternationinternationaltentativelyactivelypositivelyaltercationeffectivelyrespectivelynativealteralter egopaternalexternalinternallivelygubernatorialincarnationexclusivelyrelativecreativetentativesuperlativenarrativeimperativelucrativeinnovativepejorative
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