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Chill in a sentence

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Antonym: heatwarmSimilar words: chilledchildonly childgrandchildwhilechipchinmeanwhileMeaning: [tʃɪl] n. 1. coldness due to a cold environment 2. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright 3. a sensation of cold that often marks the start of an infection and the development of a fever 4. a sudden numbing dread. v. 1. depress or discourage 2. make cool or cooler 3. loose heat. adj. uncomfortably cool. 
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1. There's quite a chill in the air this morning.
2. A small fire was burning to take the chill off the room.
3. There's a chill in the air this morning.
4. I've put the beer in the fridge to chill.
5. There was a slight chill in the air .
6. After raves, we used to chill out in each others' bedrooms.
7. I want this beer to chill so I'll leave it in the fridge for an hour.
8. There is quite a chill in the air today.
9. Chill out! We'll get there on time!
10. There is quite a chill in the air this morning.
11. I could feel the chill as soon as I went outside.
12. An icy chill slid up my spine.
13. The news of the disaster cast a chill over the party.
14. There's a slight chill in the air.
15. Many more businesses are feeling the chill wind of the recession.
16. Chill out, Dad. The train doesn't leave for another hour!
17. Let the pudding chill for an hour.
18. The sound of his dark laugh sent a chill through her.
19. A chill ran through me at the thought.
20. Chill the fruit salad until serving time.
21. Spoon the mixture into a pudding basin and chill for at least two hours.
22. The club has three rooms[], a chill room and two dance floors.
23. They sometimes meet up to chill out and drink a few beers.
24. A chill stole over her body.
25. Wool traps your body heat,( keeping the chill at bay.
26. The icy chill ate into my bones.
27. Let's get these wet clothes off you before you catch a chill .
28. It must have been minus 5 with the wind chill factor .
29. I turned on the heater in the hall to take the chill off the house .
30. There was something in his tone that sent a chill down Melissa's spine .
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