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Hamper in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2016-12-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: basketblockcramphinderimpedelimitobstructrestrainAntonym: assistexpediteSimilar words: championchampionshipshamchamberashamedhamburgerchameleoncampMeaning: ['hæmpə(r)]  n. 1. a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner) 2. a basket usually with a cover. v. 1. prevent the progress or free movement of 2. put at a disadvantage. 
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1 They sent us a lovely Christmas hamper.
2 You would hamper yourself with that fellow.
3 There are some apples in a picnic hamper.
4 I hastily packed the hamper and lugged it to the car.
5 We don't own a picnic hamper.
6 Near the wall was a bass hamper.
7 The picnic hamper had been stacked quietly and moved aside.
8 This it at once began to use to hamper the government's efforts to cope with the desperate financial situation.
9 Drastic changes, up or down, hamper longer-term development and can mean re-drafting the national budget at short notice.
10 They tend to hamper every search for factual reality, including research in science.
11 This wicker hamper is packed with delicious goodies and costs £64.92, inclusive of nationwide delivery.
12 Pundits and scientists chafe at regulations that hamper their creativity and the direction of their research.
13 And so is the yummy hamper over there from Fortnum's.
14 Needlessly to hamper working animals bespeaks more eloquently of bad husbandry.
15 Police should have the power to fine people who hamper rescue efforts. In fact I'd throw them into prison for a night.
16 Business leaders are cautioning against hasty action that would hamper flexibility.
17 The following quotations illustrate some of the frustrations and misunderstandings that could hamper the best-laid plans.
18 A pedagogy which denies this perversely creates difficulties which hamper the learner in this task.
19 Wilson received an injury in the third minute, but that didn't hamper his stand on the game.
20 More schools in the area have agreed to support the Hamper Appeal.
21 But if arrest before that were forbidden,( it could seriously hamper the police.
22 He was not reckless exactly, but he certainly never stopped to consider whether that loss was too great to hamper expansion.
23 A returnable 150,000 Lire deposit is payable on arrival but a welcome hamper is included in the price.
24 Donald Peterson said at a Pentagon news briefing as heavy snowfall continued to hamper search and rescue efforts near Vail, Colo.
25 The bag had been sitting in this dank tent for the last three days and smelled like an old laundry hamper.
26 The coalition partners predict further elections in six to eight months, and the energy shortage threatens to hamper their reform plans.
27 The bag had been sitting in a dank tent for three days and smelled like an old laundry hamper.
28 We whipped up Christmassy feelings and pulled decorations and paper hats out of a hamper given by soldiers in the Outer Hebrides.
29 Geest warned in the autumn that oversupply in the final quarter of 1995 would severely hamper its full-year bottom line.
30 He described his proposals for the coming year as neutral because he did not want to hamper recovery.
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