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Amplitude in a sentence

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Similar words: similitudeattitudebeatitudegratitudemagnitudepulchritudestudentampleMeaning: ['æmplɪtjuːd]  n. 1. (physics) the maximum displacement of a periodic wave 2. the property of copious abundance 3. greatness of magnitude. 
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1. Sound waves are measured by their amplitude.
2. The sheer amplitude of the novel invites comparisons with Tolstoy and George Eliot.
3. The amplitude of the vibration determines the loudness of the sound.
4. The amplitude of the pressure waves declined after a latency period of about 2 to 3 minutes.
5. Amplitude and duration of contractions at each recording site were calculated as the average of 10 swallows.
6. After menopause theses daily rhythms decline in amplitude towards zero.
7. The new decoder uses an amplitude locked loop in combination with a phase locked loop to achieve this breakthrough.
8. These low amplitude propagated contractions are reported to be more frequent.
9. The amplitude of the curve is its maximum height above its average level.
10. Typically, the amplitude of slow waves in deep sleep becomes smaller with ageing.
11. The amplitude histogram shown in Fig. 1 c scored 190 using this procedure.
12. The duration and amplitude of rebound pressure increased as the distension volume increased.
13. It can be marked by very low pitch, even on lexical items, loss of amplitude and a lengthy pause.
14. Should the value of a variable be represented by the amplitude of the output or by the location of nodes?
15. After eating, although intraluminal pressure does not increase appreciably, the number of high amplitude propagating contractions increases.
16. The mean period is 331 days, but both the period and the amplitude change from one cycle to another.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. The full length of unsupported trailing edge on the comparatively deep cone will vibrate at considerable amplitude.
18. These ultradian rhythms are present in adults also, even though their amplitude is less than that of the 24-hour rhythm.
19. The resonant frequency is detected as the maximum of a graph of amplitude against frequency.
20. The current warming of the Pacific Ocean is unequaled in amplitude.
21. Every facet of the signal can be studied at leisure, including amplitude, frequency, phase and detailed time dependence.
22. It is possible that a dilated colon would generate only very low amplitude contractions that are not distinguished during manometric studies.
23. Addition of successively higher odd harmonics steepens the wings and reduces the amplitude of the fluctuations in between.
24. A stock index does not oscillate with such frightening amplitude as we have witnessed recently unless to announce some tectonic change ahead.
25. He is able to specify a rule for what that amplitude should be.
26. To date, no data are available about the neurohumoral mechanisms underlying high amplitude propagated contraction onset.
27. Radio used for communication uses a constant frequency carrier with some kind of amplitude modulation.
28. These are claimed to be fatigue-resistant to cope with the high amplitude vibrations that are generated by fast stunters.
29. A quantitative measure of the damping is provided by the logarithmic decrement defined as the logarithmic decrease in amplitude per cycle.
30. Recordings of sleep-deprived subjects have shown a reduction in the amplitude of alpha rhythms.
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