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Chameleon in a sentence

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Synonym: ChamaeleonChameleonchamaeleonSimilar words: smile onashamedcamelchamberchampionamelioratehomelesschampionshipMeaning: [kə'miːljən]  n. 1. a changeable or inconstant person 2. a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa 3. lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin color and having a projectile tongue. 
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1. The chameleon survives by blending in with its background.
2. The chameleon changes colour to match its surroundings.
3. The chameleon can take on the colours of its background.
4. Like a chameleon, he could merge unobtrusively into the background.
5. The Congressman has a reputation as a political chameleon.
6. Chameleon, ever eager to fit in?
7. Chameleon products are due in 1996.
8. He has been a nimble chameleon, bending with every turn in Whitehall attitudes to education.
9. The chameleon on the mirror flipping without rest slips into some deranged state far from sanity.
10. Putting a chameleon on a mirror seemed a simple enough experiment that I thought that even a writer could perform it.
11. He was like a chameleon, she thought with wry admiration, able to adapt at will to any situation.
12. Asking him to deliver is like expected a chameleon to stay the same colour whatever its environment.
13. The chameleon is able to change colour to protect itself.
14. A lime-green chameleon, stretching from fence to shrub in torpid motion, beguiled us.
15. I was a reverse chameleon, shedding my inner self while my skin remained intact.
16. Like a chameleon, it moved out of the aisle between machines, then stopped[], and became utterly motionless.
17. The chameleon on a mirror riddle is best kept in idealized form as a thought experiment.
18. The chameleon responds to the image it has generated, just as the shrimp responds to the atmosphere it has generated.
19. In articulating life as a chameleon on a rocky mirror, Vernadsky committed heresy on two counts.
20. The chameleon on the mirror is a completely open system.
21. She was a chameleon, out on a limb, and had chosen a difficult camouflage.
22. The chameleon will then dart out its long, sticky-tipped tongue, impale the insect and swallow it.
22. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
23. She began to shed the brilliant borrowed chameleon plumage, she wanted to let Lucy in.
24. The chameleon adapts to its surroundings by changing color.
25. The eyes of the chameleon are even more remarkable.
26. The snake's venom courses through the bloodstream of the chameleon, causing instant paralysis.
27. In a 21st-century society wired into instantaneous networks, marketing is the mirror; the collective consumer is the chameleon.
28. While conducting interviews for this book, I sometimes posed the chameleon riddle to my interviewees.
29. After initial evaluations with various software publishers, Intergraph finally selected Tetra's Chameleon package.
30. The entire system of evolving life and planet was coevolution, the dance of the chameleon on the mirror.
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