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Perceptive in a sentence

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Similar words: perceptionperceptibleapperceptionimperceptiblereceptivedeceptiveperceptinterceptMeaning: [pər'septɪv /pə'-]  adj. 1. of or relating to perception 2. having the ability to perceive or understand; keen in discernment. 
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1, He was one of the most perceptive US political commentators.
2, This is a very perceptive assessment of the situation.
3, You're right. That's very perceptive of you.
4, Her books are full of perceptive insights into the human condition.
5, The most perceptive of the three, she was the first to realize the potential danger of their situation.
6, It was very perceptive of you to notice that.
7, His comment was trenchant and perceptive.
8, The perceptive consultant should also be alert to the way power is distributed in the organization.
9, For the less perceptive, their effective integration into the company is likely to be heavily influenced by the chairman.
10, He's very perceptive about people.
11, If, for example, two perceptive functions are of equal weight, they tend to interfere with and jam each other.
12, He's congratulated her for being so perceptive ... but says the errors were actually made on purpose.
13, I like her novels - she's so perceptive about people's relationships.
14, All three are acutely sensitive,( perceptive musicians.
15, And in every case a perceptive manager should be able to discern a clear pattern.
16, High school students are remarkably perceptive and fresh in their views.
17, Tom was too greedy, and not very perceptive.
18, Another perceptive point made by Swan is the possible relationship between kiln design and the type of fuel used.
19, Susan Zakin is the most perceptive and eloquent political columnist in print in Tucson and probably in the whole damn state.
20, Laura had been perceptive enough to create the means of achieving this.
21, He was a very intelligent and perceptive young detective.
22, He was a perceptive and sophisticated man who was sensitive to other people's weaknesses.
23, Win and win and win. Very perceptive.
24, It's no good trying to pull the wool over Harlod's eyes(, he's far too perceptive.
25, That is not to say that some people are not naturally more perceptive, sympathetic and shrewd than others.
26, His character sketches of the principal players are sharp, perceptive and often very funny.
27, In the case of taste he may, musically speaking, have been even more perceptive than he realised.
28, It is a finely tuned art that depends on the perceptive skills and sound judgment of the consultant.
29, Mark Antony has suddenly changed his personality ie he has become tough, perceptive.
30, He was not just ahead of his times, but a timeless figure whose prophetic words were cast as perceptive wit.
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